HJW wants to prepare the meal for SY with his fish. Frightened, Ji-an aims her gun at him, but he walks towards her, unfazed. Remembering, not just relating to the past, it motivate what you choose to be in future. Grabbing her in a choke hold, he wonders what he should do with her. Hyun is Min’s proxy, and he hasn’t been with Hyun long enough to seriously know what is okay and is not okay with Hyun’s compass – again, he looks right at Hyun and says something like “is that not okay? The acting was superb, seemed like everyone was at their very best. Yes, you read that right! I couldn’t really concentrate until he was shown again.

Hello k- drama fans! Seems to me like they want to make out at every basic parts of a house first before going further At the vault, there is a note that wait for a moment, i will pay back. But she refuses to shoot, since doing that will reduce her to his level, and that will only serve to further hurt Hyun. Bromance and romance are really the two sides of the same coin, although he romance did take a back seat for this show. Can’t wait for the whole cast to return in new projects. No wonder Min develops issues.

I can’t wait to see more of him. You have given me closure,the ending is perfect, its sweet, heartwarming and gut wrenching at the same time.

Can’t wait for the whole cast to return in new projects. I spent 4 hours finishing all the post. With this Hyung Joon confesses he killed Sang Deuk and says that for her, he can do much more.


Because I want to be like Miranda “I hope they get many awards. IRY is 99 plus alpha.

In his misguided way he ‘cared’ for children. And JW comes into his home to investigate TJ. Which reminds me, Joon Ho’s lady friend, why are you helping Joon ho,are you crazy and what are you guys?

I have been refreshing for this recap for a while now. I got to meet him in person for the first time at a university event.

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She stuck it out in that tough performing arts high school in “Dream High” and held her own in “Big. How did i miss it? Remembering, not just relating to the past, it motivate what you choose to be in future. I do think all actors have feeling for each other during filming. The viewers dont have the energy to choose their channel and just decide to watch it online. I heard ditector Kim passed away. All these crucial moment when he broke down, he found solace in Ji-An.

I will remember you show, I really will! Date an Alien or an Ancient Prince. It’s not spelled out in the show, but I think that Min’s visit to Joon Young had two objectives: The stupid ratings are the only terrible thing about this show. Favorite Song by RM. Lee Min Ho 7. Their first attempt is not so successful Hyun: Choi Wonyoung was deliciously sinister and it sure is going to be strange seeing him play a jackass of a husband in Twenty Again.

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I mean not leg. Wherever you hide, I will definitely find you. He can’t stay on Earth very long but he comes back as much as he can and sweeps you off your feet as usual. It’s Ji An who k him first, because he is helping the first muder Yang. I want to know more about LJY and his army! Then she sees a video from HJ.


HJ arranges his items with JOY She’s Harry’s mom, but JW doesn’t know it. And then Papa has the gall to wonder if his child is a monster!?!

Next morning, JW’s co-worker is investigating who invaded SY’s office in the tou. Kudos for the nuanced acting, lovable layered characters and overall team work that made this year of drama viewing so worthwhile!

RM Friday- Favorite Song. Based on the eoisode, I expected the ending to be somber and tragic in keeping with the rest of it, but even without that, it was consistent and didn’t alter my overall perception of the series too much.

Same here, pretty sure his final walk out was to go and turn himself in. Waaah this episode, just wow, left me gobsmacked. Harry asks to change phone to Joi, but JW refuses. JW’s telling SY why he went back home.

It surely gave me the closure I badly needed, although I also recao a uou season!!! I came away thinking that Joon Young is right: I’m waiting for a smart screen writer to write a drama for twins starring this pair.