Yet use of flashback was sparing, which I found all the more effective. His basement, a retro-fitted, high-tech lab to find a cure for the disease that has turned the population of the entire planet into mutant, zombie-like, hive mind, blood-thirsty monsters, and, for some reason, Robert is immune. Neville and Anna sit together and watch Ethan fall into the water where the fish are. He realizes that he just wants his girl back. His nights, sleeping with a high-powered rifle and hoping that the mutants don’t find him. She says that they have a cure for the virus and are heading towards Vermont. His performance as Dr.

I won’t give away the ending, but think it was satisfying as far as it goes, but not nearly as appealing, from my angle, as the foregoing material. He tells Anna and Ethan that they have to go. Dark Seekers surround Neville and are ready to attack him, but the Alpha Male keeps them at bay. As entertainment, it works just fine. But don’t expect too much. I want more back story.

Ethan playfully splashes around, and Neville throws some food into the water.

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It’s a alterrnate, really, because the concept is golden I am Legend -2cd. He’s predictable, and does what you want him to do. Night Shamalayan showed us what is still possible with superior writing, directing, and minimal special effects. It wasn’t perfect, but it certainly deserves a look, even if you’re not into the whole undead thing.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see Will Smith, “Robert Neville,” give a spectacular performance, full of emotion and anger, and bordering a bit on the insane side. He asks Anna to open the door. I just saw this movie today, the day it opened here. The three then are seen leaving New York heading to Vermont’s safe zone with Anna broadcasting a message telling all other survivors that she is with Neville and is heading to the safe zone.


It was the quality of the material rather than “pictures;” or special effects, that made the story. In Matheson’s book, as well as in The Omega Man, there is a biological warfare element. Why did it only last 1. For the second time in legennd The Omega Man being the firstRobert Neville is portrayed as US Army medical officer who is intimately familiar with and is partially the cause of the virulent disease that has turned the world into bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs. His nights, sleeping with a high-powered rifle and hoping that the mutants don’t find him.

Anna asks him what he’s doing, and Neville says that he’s listening. Unfortunately, it was so low budget that the production quality made it almost unwatchable.

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AG] montypythons download 0 French subtitle I. But none of them do justice to the New York depicted here.

He remarks that it’s cold, which makes Neville realize that he needs to lower the temperature of the Dark Seekers in order for the cure to work. All in all, this film left me feeling a lot like I did in Spider-Man 3: I am legend esp – Only for arabic parts. Instead of blowing himself and the hemocytes up with a grenade, Neville discovers that the hemocytes actually came for the female he captured earlier in the movie.

Was the legennd bad? I Am Legend BluRay p retail.


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Stephen King and Dean Koontz are 70p too and I enjoy their work, but they write pulp. Will Smith is the driving force of I Am Legend.

This is the blurray strength of this movie: I Am Legend []. Living in a deserted NY city, his acting is reminiscent of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, but instead of a volleyball, he has mannequins and a faithful German Shepard named Sam.

Audible Download Audio Books. But that’s a minor plaint. What ashame that this movie couldn’t have done the same.

Neville recognizes the equipment as his own, but can’t fathom what they’re doing there. And Will Smith 20077 simply brilliant as the sole survivor, Robert Neville. No state of the art laboratory, no heavy credentials.

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subtifles Will Smith is just okay, like the Chevrolet of Acting. I want more back story. Not at at all, but it would have been more accurate to title it as Home Alone 4: It was briefly interesting to see Manhattan as deserted and overgrown, but the special effects seemed to be what the movie was relying on.

Neville shouts for him to stop, but the Alpha Male doesn’t listen to him.

She says that they have a cure for the virus and are heading towards Vermont. Take them away, and there was nothing left.