Doctor asks her to be strong. What is his relation with this house. Alvira wonders who brought Zeenat home. He says I will not forget my duty. She asks the servant to clean the room and asks Arzoo not to wear this color again. He asks her to move the curtain and see the real world. Arzoo comes to the hospital and manages to get some injection from a doctor. Zaki goes following Arzoo.

Zoma 31st Jan – 9: Alvira wonders who brought Zeenat home. Arzoo asks her to wait. Kurti Apa says her Zeenat is back. Arzoo asks her to speak in low tone. Vikram says Police will do their work.

Humsafars 28th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He moves his eyes. Sahir wipes her tears. Alvira asks her to think before saying anything. Kurti Apa says what are you saying. Roma 28th Jan – Nausheen goes to her room worriedly.

Written Update Episode, Page 86 |

Do Sahir love her even now. Alvira gets a call, she leaves asking Arzoo to be there. Anam and Kurti Apa taunt Arzoo. Arzoo still waits for the caller. Distributing your curated content through a newsletter is a writgen way to nurture and engage your email subscribers will developing your traffic and visibility. Alvira gets a message and is shocked.


Where is the money? Someone might have pulled her. Sahir calls the Police. Vikram asks her not to inform Sahir as he will take permission from head quarters. He asks her to tell about the incident.

Arzoo asks him to stay away from her and says you look good when gives wounds, not when episose applies balm.

The episode starts with Vikram asking Sahir to be happy as he came to find first wife and safe second wife. Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads. He calls the doctor.

Alvira says to Nausheen to call her after reaching Lucknow. She sees someone sleeping on the bed under a blanket. Zaki feels her pain and cries. Sahir sees a masked man fixing his target on Arzoo. She says business comes first.

Humsafars 28th January 2015 FULL EPISODE | Aarzoo & Sahir’s HOT KISS

Sahir asks her to sit and gives her water to drink. Arzoo says she hold my hand. Plz h Hasan update the show fast everyday, plzzzzzz.


She puts sky blue nail polish on her nails. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She applauds for herself. Nausheen says you are our Arzoo.

Sahir says your safety is my responsibility. Kurti Apa gets up and takes her outside. She says I hate coffee. Last updated Jan 27, Arzoo asks Sahir after his operation to open his eyes.

Vikram gets confused and says wife is Arzoo. He made me realize what is love. Arzoo asks her to speak in low tone.

Arzoo opines that there is no one related to Sahir here. He asks Zaki to complete the formalities. Arzoo asks the servant tell. Then he made me realize hatred. Sahir calls Doctor and asks him to come fast. She asks what are you doing?