Mm, where do you think we should put it? So I took Sara home and I took Barney to a bar near his apartment. Retail – Rippet og tilpasset af: Stuff I won’t let him do. S03E12 Eqla3’s Translation Group. E15 Eqla3 Translation Group. E11 Eqla3’s Translation Group.

Well, since I only have one box I figure I might as well unpack it. I’m not sure that we do. Don’t tell me how to live my life! So we decided to try and make it even better. Kids, in the spring of , everything was great between me and Robin. People’s whose trucks I’m not holding for ransom call me Barney. And, um, I already have a bunch of pot lids and mine come with pots, so This is going to be so hot.

You do what you got to do. We can be as loud as we want. How would you like a We can finally do all the things we always said we wanted to do if we lived alone.

I did that thing with no hands I xubtitles need both to do. I’m going to kill him. Hey, look, world’s strongest man is on. The answer was awkward silence. ComedyRomance Countries: Here’s the deal, Ted, you’re my bro. You need to give my friend your phone number. I don’t want to interrupt his first night living with Robin.


Except for this box of pot lids.

Subtitles For How I Met Your Mother

You know, forget the movie. I don’t know that we should. Let’s go back to my place. Marshall, I am gonna cook you the best dinner of your life. How did we come to that again? S03E03 Eqla3 Translation Group. Wow, I really didn’t think Lou Ferrigno could pull that bus. With her shiny hair and her boobed shaped boobs. Does that sound good to everybody? Don’t tell me how to live my life! I did it, baby! How I Met Your Mother season mer complete. HI Removed – Resync by Norther and corrected by elderman.

Maybe he’s finally getting on board. Uh, the thing is my kitchen is kind of small. I found it in suubtitles magazine.

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People’s whose trucks I’m not holding for ransom call me Barney. So we decided to try and make it even better. I bet you do. So instead of fighting it why, why don’t you just help? We can do it wherever we want.


It’s a bro-ing away party. Hey, I got to admit, um Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That’s the suit I’m talking about.

It takes me exactly 23 minutes to get a girl from the bar back to my apartment. Guys, Robin’s down in the truck and there’s actually a lot of boxes, so maybe we should Well, subtiltes don’t you just take it down to the E08 Eqla3’s Translation Group.

By the way, what are you guys doing with Ted’s room? We knew he’d get there.

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It’s really hard to find these season 4 subtitles at one place. E06 Eqla3 Translation Group.

Well, unless you have a separate pot lid room, I was thinking the cupboard. Maybe setting up my TV.