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I only watch gay rom coms for this reason, which sucks because I have a very limited knowledge of gay cinema so I end up watching Mambo Italiano and Touch of Pink waaaay too much. This movie had me giddy for a few days after watching it. I’m at work and have 6 hours to kill. You can torrent it and find subtitles if you know where to look. The short film was adorable. Quick Start Film List – Ages 14 20 great titles, picked especially for audiences aged to get you started on your Into Film club journey. How ‘Love, Simon’, the first mainstream studio teen movie to feature a gay protagonist, deals with the process of LGBT teenagers coming out in the modern world. It’s just this film so innocent and pure and uplifting whilst still being so relatable to me.

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He is teased and ridiculed by others in his high school on a daily basis, and his best friend, Giovana, stands by his side every sozihno of the way-physically and metaphorically. DA Zapata Super Reviewer. This is movie is easily one of my top favorites, I highly recommend it. I wish there were just one big DRM-free store that sold internationally.

We are talking about getting married soon too. That happening for anyone else? Selfies and Introductions Tuesday: I think the best thing about the movie was that Leo didn’t have any reservations admitting the fact that he was in love with Gabriel.


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Not that any of that is bad or makes for a bad film. I saw this at the Cleveland International Film Festival. They couldn’t have picked an actor with kinder and more subtittles eyes than the lead, which is all the more significant since he plays a blind character. Where the short is Leo and Gabriel falling in love, the movie is about Leo finding independence after having grown up in a “bubble” his parents had created for him.

Absolutely loved the film. It’s watdh this film so innocent and pure and uplifting whilst still being so relatable to me.

More Top Movies Trailers. Gay people are allowed to be happy as well! Ribeiro lacks a sense of dramatic construction, with the narrative stumbling about thoughtlessly, retracing the same ground over and over.

Moderators have the final word. That’s what made it so funny to me at least: The subgitles story of two high school boys discovering their sexuality is sweet. I loved this movie! Well, it is the scene where Gabriel finally accepts he has feelings for Leo, since their last oszinho was when he kissed Leo and then bolted away, so we are to take it as the moment when he’s like “Nope, it’s not a dream, I’m falling for this dude and I’m falling hard “.

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I watched this recently and it is by far my lgbt themed movie. Reading time 6 mins. Lucia Romano as Laura. Brazilian gay coming-of-age tale, almost quaint in its old-fashioned sweetness and gentle dramatics. I absolutely recommend this film, and I’m not even fully gay.


Year Duration 93 minutes. Start an Into Film Club or Log in to rate this film. Completely different cultures and people to meet: Giovanna’s heartbreak, here it is spelled completely, even if she never truly confesses her love for Leo. Interesting haha Also, best wishes for you both! The Way He Looks is a subtle yet magnificent tale about friendship, love, and hardship, and it is one that is flawlessly presented with sentimental and humanistic meaning.

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This film has not been rated by a club leader yet. No real hint of the sexual theme until the vkltar end and then ever so slightly. Log in with Facebook. Leo, if you had ever stolen a kiss from someone, how would you give it back? It isn’t about coming out or about HIV or overt amounts of sexual behavior. Please refer to the BBFC guidance for further help in your film choice. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.