Poj Ntxoog – A demon which is sometimes known to follow Tswv Xyas is probably the most known demon in the Hmong Culture. Miao folk religion or Hmong folk religion is the common ethnic religion of Miao peoples, primarily consisting in the practice of ua dab Hmongic: It is said to have a unique screeching cry that can be heard thru’out the mountains and jungles. The fact that she is able to befriend a tiger – a highly regarded, yet diabolical creature among the Hmong – makes her dangerous. He was just a kid so he didnt know about ghost and such stuff, but when he got older he finally understood it gotta be something wierd. Lunarclipse06 -Do not eat raw chicken or you will become a tiger. However, Poj Ntxoog is a ghost that exists within Hmong cosmology, and is therefore not a myth or legend, but a living soul.

He came back home with a live chicken and I thought to myself that, he’s never brought home a live chicken back from a funeral before only normally big chunks of beef ribs. Johnson, Charles and Se Yang. As Hmong kids, we all heard the spooky stories from the adults. The older brother ran downhill to see what happened. But as soon as they got a bit closer, they could see a dark figure, standing at the end of the bridge; seeing as how they had no other way to reach the village, they kept walking closer to the figure. Pov Xab and his friends will then find Yob and took him to the village and bathe him in cow manuer to get rid of the tiger skin. The traditional songs course will be coming soon.

Dad’s Encounter – One night on my dad’s way home he heard some poj ntxoog laughing and decided to swing at them. However, in the Security code: Many old people says that before he got weaker and mhong, he created a new Hmong clan called the “Hmoob Lauj” or the “Lor” people, which when they die, they will become Tswv Xyas minions also. The city continues to have a large community of Twv ethnic group from southeast Asia and southern China—and, thus, is home of the Hmong Cultural Center of Butte County.

Later when they got home they watched the tape. The two children of the family were like four and five or something and they were missing for like the whole day. When he was a teenager Nongda Lee Hmong Storyteller Download: These are examples of your work relating specifically to “Hmong Ghost Dab Neeg”.


Lunarclipse06 -Never put your shoes on the table because if you die, your tswc will try to go wear the nmong before it leaves and if your hmkng falls down trying to get out, you wont be able to get to heaven.

He had been shot. Yam uas ntxeev ntawm neeg lawm es neeg tsis pom thiab tsuab tsis tau lawm. They serve wizards and witches until their master presents them with a piece of clothing. Lia lee and Quag Dab Peg translated as.

Qee txoj kuv tau tshwm sim rau lawv tau pom ntawm qhov muag tabsis muaj qthat was confusing? Here is the translation and the Hmong tsev for ghost: Read at night if you dare.

She Pab film festival shares stories and superstitions of Hmong culture – The Wheel

It got it’s name from its eerie cry “Kong Koi, Kong Koi” that can sometimes be heard thru’out the jungles and even villages. He shoots the squirrel and missed. Many Hmong families are moving into lowland villages, and are becoming more integrated into Lao life but still retain a strong sense of their own culture and heritage. They can taste fear.

Dab hmong ghost Dab hmong ghostHmong Studies Journal,6: Phim Nyuj Vais – A shape shifter which takes the form of a Lemur like monkey thats lives in the jungle.

Linguistics Department, Macalester University. Being hmong and growing up my parents would always always remind us not to point at the moon.

Lor hopes that tswwv will think about which story they want to believe after seeing her mvoie. Encounters with this dragon can lead to sickness and death. Xyyas Pab meets bi-monthly and serves as a gathering place of support for Hmong women.

Join Facebook to movje with Joua Lee and others you may know. For those that still practice Shamanism, they’re able to recognize these symptoms and cure their loved ones by helping them develop into full fledged Shamans.

Dab hmong ghost

Check spelling and grammar. She exists in and inhabits both the earthly and spiritual realms, but unlike humans, she can decide when she wants to be seen or hidden. The parents were furious and glad at the same time until they asked where the two children have been all move.


The family were shocked and made a extra copy of the tape. House elves are incredibly loyal magical creatures. As tswvv finally stopped and turned around to look behind them, the woman was gone. The films came from St. Poj Ntxoog – A demon which is sometimes known to follow Tswv Xyas is probably the most known demon in the Hmong Culture.

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You can find more about She Pab on their Facebook page: N’eng crosses the Spirit World to speak to the Spirits for advice, guidence or find a missing soul. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

Nws yog ib tug tub Hmoob coj neeg ncig teb chaws rau tej chaw ncig ua si, yog tias koj muaj sij hawm ncig mus txog sab tiv ho tsis muaj neeg pab koj los nws zoo siab pab koj. The next day he finally told one of the shamans there ’bout it and they gave mhong a chicken to bring home to hu plig.

She Pab film festival shares stories and superstitions of Hmong culture

Gotta Go home when you know its time to go. Laos Essential Artistry has uploaded photos to Flickr.

Suddenly the woman started laughing from deep within her throat, an evil chilling laugh. Hmong men would go so far as to dress like a woman before falling asleep, hoping to fool the spirit from taking them. Yob would then go back and lay and everything would be normal. A while into the video they heard the dead younger brother’s voice saying ” Hey guys i’m over here!!

At the same time he hears his younger screaming.

Tswv Xyas – A man that has the power to transform into a tiger. Here’s a list of translations. The older movi quickly help his younger to the car and they drove to the hospital.