But last night was a good episode. Cable shows will give all the episodes for that season and won’t come back for a year with the next season. Fox is using the overnights for ratings. You can watch Reign Season 3 online for free on this page by streaming the movie in the video player above or by choosing. SideReel features links to all your favorite TV shows. Her eyes, they age her! Buy The Royals Season 3: Clearly he has mommy issues!

She on Rickey Smiley reality TV show on tvone too. Kids just born to closest holiday available? All 6 songs featured in Reign season 1 epsiode 2: Mary must prioritize her life over her cousin’s. I saw her on there conducting interviews. Supergirl investigates a mysterious.

Ddtomen Your Soul Glow. Just because you don’t like the show or you think it can be better it doesn’t mean you want it to fail Before I changed my ways?? Ion watch this so I got nothing.

Snakes in the Garden. Not dragging her, just having a discussion like most folks on this forum hun! Early to mid ‘s is when it stopped. If viewership keeps decreasing, he might finally get the hint. Sandra has a point, I lost interest a few episodes ago and Taraji overacts to me on this show and I’m tired of the ghetto character Cookie and her loud mouth. I been sew busy. Flirt with her off the camera DUH?


I did see last nights episode tho! It really happened guys, the Dersha fairytale wedding happened. I think it’s expensive to film so maybe that’s why it takes so long Ion know I don’t even like reading on my tablet He did too much this season. Power does same thing. So you think she gonna be a old ass step momma to your used to be step moms new baby? Go ahead and drag the black woman.

Power was gone for almost a year. No damn hiatus break in between. Cable shows will give all the episodes for that season and won’t come back for a seaspn with the next season.

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Message By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. Glad to hear its coming back though. Lee Daniels is putting all his bucket-list script dreams into this one show.

Season 3 – amazon. Went from charcoal to Sammy Sosa lite. Welp, I thr one am over the show and it’s weird choice to have musicians guest star as a character, why are they not appearing as themselves like how they did on Entourage, better yet how about they don’t appear at all. I can’t stand him. If you watch it and follow it you wait for it.

I knew as a Mariah fan Scandal does every year. Miguel coming to Jelena is like Raquel leaving her with a gift so she would never be alone. Kids just born to closest holiday available? Porscha might be the one to get with Cookie if it comes down foor it. Season 2, Episode 9. If you watch it you will wait on it.


It’s been on but I only tuned in to laugh with the Roses lol. I use to catch it every so often but I thought it was canceled. I don’t remember why either, but the lady worked there so it’s really no good reason why. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He is such a bish.

Hit The Floor Season 2 Episode 4

I would of spit on her too. I just don’t understand the Jamal and Skye thing.

Had the nerve to try to hide her gay azz under the table when that lady was flirting with her. I can’t with this show. I think Lee focuses so much on Jamal because he’s loosely based off of his own life. The series dropped below 10 million viewers for the first time since the first episode of season 1!

Walking Dead returns in March too, oh the agony!

The show is confused!