Kiros dies in a very ironically pitiful way. Episodes 43, 44, 45 The Fencer Unas arc is pretty much rich in nightmare fuel. The Dear Bloodsucking Doll! I love that martial arts episode. The Merume clan will never be mentioned again, though it is somewhat justified given there is only one survivor. How she wants Akira to keep on trying, to never give up, and to keep on fighting. And of course, being that Ial is involved, Kiros finds a way to show up.

You could also try to focus on other major anniversaries for your favorite shows before ends. Throughout the episode, weird imagery, often involving Akira can be seen. He had left behind old friends of his, without saying goodbye later revealed to be a result of his own personal weaknesses. Not when the Tube Empire is ruled by a tyrant like Emperor Zeba. Episode 49 One of my favorite episodes ever in Maskman. Yeah, it does feel kinda finale-like.

You do feel for Igam somewhat, even if her struggle is a bit unclear, as do the Maskmen, who episose to help. Not a stand-out, but certainly interesting. But it was cool to see how the Maskmen unleash the Aura Power from within. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Hikari Sentai Maskman: Top 10 Episodes

A pretty good episode that raises a hkkari of questions about Zeba and the imprisoned Lizar Doggler. Nothing amazing, but decent enough. A very good episode. Again, this episode also demonstrates some of the great cast chemistry the show has. The chemistry between the current and younger Takeru is quite good and the advice he leaves him seems to resonate with his future self.

Might not be much of a list, since Maskman episoed let me down.

The message at the end is rather nice and the kid is likable, but a pretty forgettable episode overall. The method of people getting autographs with ink that gradually transforms them is clever, but somehow I feel there would be more practical ways of gathering people. This site uses cookies.


How she wants Akira to keep on trying, to never give up, and to keep on fighting. His exact reasoning for being smitten with her is unclear, as is just how long they spent together the montage shows them in different outfits, so possibly days, leaving Takeru without a carbut it is believable. Another Akira focus episode though Haruka and Momoko get some decent screen time too! Despite a crushing defeat, Momoko still manages to save her students, while also keeping her pride.

Not a bad episode by epiosde means, but pretty predictable. Though Takeru should probably not wear his jacket for a bit considering that was among the features listed… 3. Another very good episode that draws closer to the end.

The end with the whole team dancing is goofy though it has been done before in shows such as Sun Vulcanbut would go on to become a pretty common trope in the series. Throughout the episode, weird imagery, often involving Akira can be seen. And the action is still very thrilling, making you wonder if Takeru can hang in there.

As ofthe still-alive Okelampa has yet to return. Episode 49 One of my favorite episodes ever in Maskman.

Aside from light and darkness we also see how Igam and Ial are opposed to each other and then we have Kiros and Takeru. Not amazing and a bit schmaltzy, but still an alright episode. The center of focus is Akaiki, the leader of the technicians who was injured in a test gas attack by Tube during his childhood.

The opening scene of him walking around Tokyo trying to impress girls is reminiscent of the infamous dance sequence in Spider-Man 3. Baraba sets out to prove himself worthy of living by obtaining a sacred sword, all while his mother intrudes. These first three episodes made Takeru my first favorite red ranger!


The final list took some thought to finalize: Certainly an interesting trait. Nothing amazing, but enjoyable enough. Alright, but nothing that special.

Hikari Sentai Maskman – Beta Capsule Reviews

This was a bit of raw power and explanation of what to do with the Aura Power. Perhaps he witnessed him in real life? I find the episode to be really hilarious. Speaking of which, young Takeru is shown playing Kikaider during a flashback. Also revealed is why Sugata chose a racing club as a front for the Maskmen — to assure that they can all work together as a team. Kiros is scum, but a pitiable scum. Yes it was a nice episode written by Toshiki Inoue.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Episode 25 I love that martial arts episode. Rather shockingly, there is sentau nude scene with Ial during a flashback, with her privates being covered only by a plant. An alright episode with some good development for Haruka and a disturbing concept, though somewhat flawed. March 1, March 1, sentaibandicootblog. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not the best finale ever by any means, but a pretty solid one to a pretty solid show.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A very solid, tense pair of episodes that provides a lot of great backstory. I actually almost went with ep 12 instead of 18! In other words, his treasure is unattainable, no matter episose he is.