An elderly man appears to be losing his mind, but Steve and Liz are determined to prove that he doesn’t need to go into a home. Understandably she is afraid to tell her father especially since the father of the baby is her cousin Lenny. When Jane’s cottage is sold and she is placed in a nursing home, Nick becomes personally involved in the case and sets out to nail Eric. It’s from a boarding school some distance away, where the boy’s name is given as Tom Bamber. At first, the motive is unclear they do not seem to be selling venison on the black market , but it turns out to be a much more sinister motive. Mountains and Molehills 29 Feb 7. A mother who gave up her child for adoption runs into problems.

Police are baffled when there seem to be too many motives behind an arson attack on a warehouse. Meanwhile, Vernon’s pottery enterprise takes a turn for the worst, leaving a reluctant David with the task of getting to grips with a potter’s wheel. Two children from a school class outing think they are doing good to stalk him. Jenny is aghast at the thought of losing her best friend, leaving the village GP with a difficult dilemma. Jenny Merton Katie Hodgson Meanwhile, Joyce Jowett poses a threat to another of Vernon’s madcap schemes when he tries to open up a cinema in the village. The Smythe family engage Bernie Scripps and Greengrass for the funeral. Sgt Merton finds himself under pressure when a group of youths commit a number of serious offences in the area – and are suspected of drug-dealing when Liz Merrick hands in amphetamines found stashed in a local boy’s bedroom.

Elsewhere, Blaketon organises a treasure hunt to raise money for a local playground and inadvertently acts as cupid for Mike and Tricia. Mountaains popular episodes of Heartbeat. Teenagers and salmon poachers keep the police busy. Greengrass is only seconds behind and comes to his aid when he collapses and is rushed to hospital.

Share this Rating Title: Difficult Times Ep 18 Apr 18, Meanwhile, Vernon experiments with hypnotism when he tries to put an end to Gina’s arachnophobia, but it soon backfires and has a very strange after-effect on David, while Merton and Jenny discover a mutual love of heartbbeat. Gina has a near miss with a local farmer defending his land against ramblers. Meanwhile, Greengrass and Bernie move into the taxi business. He suffers only a broken leg and some bruises, but his father Don wants PC Bellamy prosecuted.

Lord Ashfordly underestimates the strength of mounfains feeling about access to a footpath across his land.

Lord Ashfordly catches Greengrass red-handed, with a sack full of poached game. But there are a few obstacles to his plan, including a shotgun, an unfavourable analyst’s report, and even the issue of who the water belongs to. David Stockwell reports an anonymous tip-off Written by Carsten Pedersen. Steve gets in trouble when a maid at Ashfordly Hall takes more than a shine to mountainss.

Vernon and David are involved in a serious car accident whilst driving moleehills tanker filled with a mysterious substance, which pollutes the local reservoir and leaves everyone in Aidensfield struck down with a mysterious bug. The robbers target Steve Calthrop’s farm, and the loss of such a valuable piece of equipment proves to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, prompting a volatile domestic dispute and putting Tricia in mortal danger.


There is a cave-in; they both get out, but then Blaketon has the bed next to Greengrass in hospital. After David witnesses a man getting thrown off a moving train, it leads to Steve foiling an armed robbery at Molejills Hall, but also leaves an escaped convict loose in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, David’s Auntie Beth’s horseradish sauce becomes the subject of Vernon’s latest get-rich-quick episodf, whilst Blaketon’s warnings fall on deaf ear when Gina begins a whirlwind romance with a dangerous criminal.

The Ashfordly Police station’s reputation comes under scrutiny when evidence from a spate of burglaries suggests the culprit is someone within the force. The Holiday’s Over Ep 6 Oct 19, This episode is a bit different episoxe that no lovable rogues appear, and also two completely unrelated crimes occur during molehipls show.

She’s also complained about a prowler late at night. Whilst his many creditors are delighted by this radical change, David is left pining for the return of “the real Mr Vernon”.

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Jackie is hard at work on a divorce case, as it happens, for the assumed villain. Waifs and Strays 15 years ago. Full Cast and Crew. Dr Rowan finds a new job but runs into a problem with the receptionist.

Merton’s singer-songwriter cousin arrives in Aidensfield with the aim of settling down after an eventful career, but her aspiring daughter disrupts her peaceful retirement when she falls pregnant.

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Mike Bradley and Jackie Lambert get married, but one of the robbers episide a train robbery almost scuttles the wedding ceremony. A protest at a local airfield turns nasty and Rob is accused of police brutality.

But he once again incurs the wrath of Blaketon when the horse runs wild around the village. Tricia turns to Mike for support as she faces disciplinary action for supplying the contraceptive pill to teenage girls, and a reporter fishing for dirt on the controversial story causes further trouble for the village doctor, while Carl Lomax escapes from custody after he is charged for the attack on Ashfordly Police Station, and goes on the run with his girlfriend.

When Bernie finally mloehills of his ways, the entrepreneur resorts to drastic measures to deal with his debts, with heartbreaking consequences. A little girl disappears, prompting Merton to begin a desperate search, convinced her errant father has snatched her.

Jackie Bradley’s parents make a somewhat unexpected appearance, and they try persuading her to move to South Africa, as they don’t approve of her marriage episodr Mike. Things get worse when the latest crime-spree hits the Ashfordly estate, leaving Nick caught in the middle of a feud between Lord Ashfordly and his former gamekeeper.

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Then they learn from Forensics that the villain has used PE4 explosive devices stolen from a nearby Army base. Meanwhile, Vernon’s promise to provide a Christmas tree for the villagers doesn’t go according to plan when David has a small mishap with the Christmas lights. After a disastrous date, Rosie orders Vernon to draw Gareth’s attention away from her, but his plan to do so leaves David convinced he has a chance with the beautiful mechanic, causing him and Gareth to become rivals for her affections, whilst Jenny’s erratic behaviour leaves Merton worried.


A new constable arrives. To make things worse Tracey gets a crush on PC Crane and names him as the father instead when her parents find out about her pregnancy. Greengrass persuades Bernie to use this skill to locate some share certificates for a widow. Greengrass arranges an unusual funeral, while a revelation about Jackie forces Mike Bradley to question his marriage.

Suspecting Mrs Stockwell’s friend, Harry Capshaw, is up to no good, Blaketon is forced to allow David to work with the team to bring him down. Maggie Bolton gets fooled, but Andy Ryan knows the real truth behind the doctor.

Meanwhile, Vernon and David enter the world of vineyards when they befriend a young Frenchman who thinks their cottage is the perfect place for wine-making. An old flame of Mike’s turns up in Aidensfield, and Greengrass loses e;isode heart to an aristocratic lady poacher.

Tricia suspects the Colonel’s money-driven son as he is intent on whisking his father off to a retirement home and taking over his estate, whilst Gina starts acting like Aidensfield’s answer to Mata Hari when Blaketon becomes wary of a guest at the heartbezt.

Vernon Scripps goes into the bodyguard business, and his first customer is Lord Ashfordly who wants him to protect a Russian aristocratic guest, Prince Nikolas. Miller is unimpressed by Rob’s rebellious streak when he bends the rules episove a spectacular way whilst trying to prevent a highly professional robbery.

Merton is reluctant to involve his team when one of Liz’s epislde becomes convinced her husband is trying to kill her – until she is nearly killed by a runaway tractor.

Meanwhile, Vernon tries to molebills Lord Ashfordly by organising the toilet facilities for the sheepdog trials, but he soon discovers the job entails more than putting up a tent or two. Meanwhile, Vernon persuades Lord Ashfordly to open up a wildlife park on his land with the assistance of a small circus, but they get more than they bargained for when a whole circus turns up and all the animals escape and run wild throughout Aidensfield.

Vernon Scripps’ attempt to go into the catering business causes a power blackout in Ashfordly, and PC Phil Bellamy’s relationship with Gina Ward raises a few eyebrows, and he is warned that a Police officer is not permitted to marry a pub licensee.