Gista has an idea of making a program about police patrol, catching criminals, and teaching the society of how to behave; and she is willing to put her career at risk for its success, despite objections from the whole staff of the station and her disadvantage of handling two programs at once. An unfortunate incident results Dhewo putting on Ikin’s, which is a fake one while the genuine one, now worn by Fajar is accidentally flushed down the toilet. Atau melakukan penipuan atau penggelapan uang sebanyak di atas Rp. Grandmother Penatus Kholidah married grandfaher Lurah Sukemi. Bu Dina Novita, SE. My Personal Life Story In accordance with the facts of my personal life story. The same right to choose education.

Deputy Prime Minister chosen from among four other Ministers. Human rights, in which also governs matters concerning: Kanjeng Gusti Ratu Panembahan Padmanegara. Descendants of Raden Mas Suromenggolo. This includes regulations issued under emergency powers. Meanwhile Fajar nearly misses work because he lost his roster. In the office, Iren is too happy that Mutia is back from vacation, she follows wherever Mutia goes.

State boryaltra build solar power plants, power plants methane, hydrogen power plant. People can use the initiative to request new law, and they can use a referendum to demand the elections on legal or financial decisions passed by Parliament.

Meal program 1 time a day except Saturday and Sunday.

An obligation to respect and comply with the order by the crown. Give us perfection, grandeur and glory. Meanwhile, Andika is ecstatic for finding out Gista liked his photo on Instagram, but finds out that his workmates get more photos that are liked by her than his own. O Allah, I beg and ask you.

Pak Agus Salim, SE. I never feel holy. So Andika uses Iren to pay back Fajar’s money by making up a story about the death of Fajar’s pet cat. The Law of the Environment. In the hands of you belongs all virtues. Article 2 of the Constitution of the country-specific system laid Boryaltra: The attempt is delayed to the next day, forcing them to sleep on location, but Fajar, who does not have the courage to shoot the attempt by gliding himself, runs away from the hotel that night.


Aku adalah orang yang ceroboh, pelupa dan payah.


And at that time I never know no such thing as cheating behavior cheat so well even though the man said only see but I do not understand and I just scratch what is not known what was in it.

You enter the night into day and you enter daytime into the weries. Every citizen should have a solar power plant to meet the electricity needs of his own household.

Fajar wins a quiz held by Entertainment News where he was allegedly not allowed to join for being part of the show’s crew, thus he has to cover up to claim the price. Andika left his ID card that is used to access the rooms in the office, so he asks Fajar to take it from his house, ending up being punished when the Kqto cannot be found.

After a warning letter from regulators about inappropriate fashion emerges, Dhewo and Mutia are flustered as Pevita was wearing her minidress for doganti show, asking the producer for a retake.

Pada tahunaku bekerja sebagai sales staff Boston Health, selama bekerja aku mengalami kesulitan karena menghitung banyaknya uang tapi sayangnya aku telah diberhentikan karena suatu hal yang belum aku ketahui dengan pasti dengan di non aktifkan.

The Ministry of Social Affairs.

Heart Series 2 Episode 1 Part 3

Kadar, Lurah Sidamulya, Kec. Right not to be deprived of the right to private property its collective untill arbitrarily. The Series 4, the series 7: Bapak Hananto Putro Sembodo Wardhana. Imprisonment and criminal social work.

Ya Allah, Relieve pain and reduce the burden of living my life the burden of suffering it. At that time tian and his mother was noisier because tian ask to play with her mother was not in love until tian crying and finally in the door lock from the outside but surprisingly the crying tian even so watch mother and friends there.


In another story, Gista wants to tell a story by Putri but repeatedly breaks her promise as she is promptly called back into the office. With high economic and development infrakstrur advanced enough for filled-rise buildings and contains yatch harbor cruises and the average population of 35, people.

However, he instead uses the money to pay a DJ equipment for his former lover, DJ Yasmin, as he unwittingly misbehaves while meeting her. Pada tahun aku menyukai Kerajaan Macedonia dibawah dinasti argaed yang di pimpin oleh Alexander yang Agung pada tahun sebelum masehi yang kekuasaannya meliputi eropa timur, timur tengah asia barat daya dan hindustan bagian barat dan selatan dan di kabarkan meninggal dunia akibat mabuk karena minum alkohol yang berlebihan di usia 32 tahun.

Police activities is to undertake repressive measures, preventive, maintaining state security. Iren is asked to submit a form to someone she never met before, something that is usually done by Andika, but gets lost along the way and gets terrified as she witness the person she is looking for rips a sheet of a similar form.

Andika, Putri, and Iren are asked to handle the production of E-News and another program which air the next morning, which forced them to stay in the office for the night. Care of agrarian and maritime.

Heart Series 2 Episode 1 Part 3

InDad I’ve started to get a job with a salary of Rp. Fajar hearf mobbed by multiple people who asks him to pay his debt in addition to his rent that is overdue, so he tries to find a way such as by tricking his colleague to buy the company attire from him by deliberately inflating their price. Representative House 50 member elected by kenapq. Prince reigns through the government issued regulations.