For example, Konstantin Freiherr von Neurath , who was attached to the Turkish 4th Army in with instructions to monitor “operations” against the Armenians, later became Adolf Hitler ‘s foreign minister and “Protector of Bohemia and Moravia” during Reinhard Heydrich ‘s terror in Czechoslovakia. One of these races has got to go. After remaining in Baghdad, Jamalzadeh went to Constantinople where he witnessed the deportations of Armenians and encountered many corpses during his journey. Holocaust and Genocide Studies. He reports mass graves containing over 60, people in Meskene and large numbers of mounds of corpses, as the Armenians died due to hunger and disease. In recent years, Turkey has been faced with repeated calls to recognize them as genocide. Before February, some of the Armenian recruits were utilized as labourers hamals , though they would ultimately be executed.

On the night of April 24, , the brightest representatives of the Armenian intellectual elite of Constantinople, including writers, musicians, politicians, and scientists were arrested and brutally massacred. Retrieved 20 May The report began as follows:. Eitan Belkind was a Nili member who infiltrated the Ottoman army as an official. Translated by Ara Stepan Melkonyan. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. I never imagined that any government could take upon itself to annihilate its own citizens in this manner, in effect destroying its human capital, which must be seen as the country’s greatest treasure.

Armenian Genocide

Turkish World War I casualty figures are often cited to mitigate the effect of the number of Armenian dead. A Committee representative is assigned to each of the provincial administrations Houghton Filk Company,pp. The courts-martial officially disbanded the CUP and confiscated its assets and the assets of those found guilty.

Translated by Tigran Tsulikian.

Moreover, local incidents of social unrest and acts of Armenian self-defense will deliberately be provoked and inflated and will be used as pretexts to effect the deportations. During the Turkish—Armenian War []: Armenian Genocide in culture. Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the wake of these events, Patriarch Cexaspanutyuun and his emissaries made repeated approaches to Russian leaders to urge the inclusion of a clause granting local self-government to the Armenians in the forthcoming Treaty of San Stefanowhich was signed on 3 March Archived from the original on 17 October Another historian, Vahagn Avedian, has argued that, although the UN Genocide Convention was not in force untilthe treaties in force at the time of the genocide pertaining haylc the protection of civilian population, such as the Martens Clause of Hague Conventions of andmean that the actions of the Turkish governments the Ottoman, the insurgent nationalist cexaspanutyuh as well as the succeeding republic cexaepanutyun, should be viewed from the perspective of Internationally Wrongful Acts.


When Wolff-Metternich succeeded von Wangenheim, he continued to dispatch similar cables: Aside from the deaths, Armenians lost their wealth and property without compensation.

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Bryce had submitted the work to scholars for verification before its publication. ByOttoman authorities had cexaspanutyum begun a propaganda drive to present Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire as a threat to the empire’s security. Archived from the original on 29 March International Law and the Rights of Minoritiesp. List of Armenian Genocide memorials and List of visitors to Tsitsernakaberd.

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English-language words and phrases used by contemporary accounts to cexaspanutyjn the event include “massacres”, “atrocities”, “annihilation”, “holocaust”, “the murder of a nation”, “race extermination” and “a crime against humanity”. The battalion left Aleppo on 3 February and reached Ras al-Ain in twelve hours Archived from the original on 6 May But one day we heard cries that abruptly ceased and were followed by a deathly silence.

After the pronouncement, the Three Pashas were sentenced to death in absentia at the trials in Constantinople. As he quoted to them the testimonies of his consulate officials, they justified the deportations as necessary to the conduct of the war, suggesting that complicity of the Armenians of Van with the Russian forces that had taken the city justified vexaspanutyun persecution of all ethnic Armenians.

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Therefore, according to the historian Ara Sarafianthe population of Armenians should have been approximately 1, prior to the start of the war. To date, more than 20 countries in the world have officially recognized the events as genocide and most historians and genocide scholars accept this view.

He witnessed the burning of 5, Armenians. Israel and the Armenian GenocideTransaction. InTurkey started an “initiative to resolve Armenian allegations regarding ” by using archives in Turkey, Armenia and other cexspanutyun. Two of the three Pashas were later assassinated by Armenian vigilantes during Operation Nemesis. British diplomat Gertrude Bell filed the following report after hearing the account from a captured Ottoman soldier:.


Some politicians tried to prevent the deportations and subsequent massacres. Harpoot, fil,which according to genocide scholar Ara Sarafian, is a “documentation of the utmost significance” for research of the Armenian Genocide.

These Kurds were called gendarmes, but in reality mere butchers; bands of them were publicly ordered to take parties of Armenians, of both sexes, to various destinations, but had secret instructions to destroy the males, children and old women The German Foreign Ministry operative, Ernst Jackh, estimated thatArmenians were killed and cexaxpanutyun further 50, expelled from the provinces during the Hamidian unrest.

Similarly, Major General Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein noted that “The Turkish policy of causing starvation is an all too obvious proof, if proof was still needed as to who is responsible for the massacre, for the Turkish resolve to destroy the Armenians”. It immediately pushed for a congress of the great powers to be convened to discuss and revise the treaty, leading to the Congress of Berlin in June—July One month later, he came to the conclusion that there “no longer was doubt that the Porte was trying to exterminate the Armenian race in the Turkish Empire”.

Mohammad-Ali Jamalzadeha prominent Persian writer in the 20th century, studied in Europe where he joined a group of Iranian nationalists in Berlin who were to eventually start a newspaper Rastakhiz in Baghdad in Others, such as Radjo, Katma, and Azaz, were briefly used as mass graves and then vacated cexaspanutyuh autumn Theodore Roosevelt would later characterize this as “the greatest crime of the war”.