Emilio Alcide , Jean Casoni , others. Hitoshi Doi’s Seiyuu Database. Little Witch Academia- It was great, I hope we get a full series in the future. I’ll have to watch that! The show gave itself an impossible task in resolving its insanity, but the build up remains great. However, in the world of anime, these vampires are no longer feared but adored by many for their royal and eternal beauty. Poems of Velpurga ja: Kyousogiga fun anime 6.

Adorable character in hilarious situations. Yukihiro Yokoyama Sound Director: Sep 30, 5, 0 0. Trigger outdid themselves with this short that is a great introduction to anime for the young and an excellent piece for those of us who’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many western themed fantasy series in movies and books. Minami-ke Tadaima; The first season is still the best Minami-ke of all time and one the funniest shows i ever watch , but this fourth season is not that far behind, and actually in the right direction to go back in form after the decline in quality seen in the previous seasons. Jun 7, 9, 0 0.

However, in the world of anime, these vampires are no longer feared but adored by many for their royal and eternal beauty. Eiji Hanawa as Announcer Tombstone ep Thoughtful comments later, I hope.

hataraku maou-sama [BgSubs]

Hyang-Yun Choi as Mocchi. Satomi Hakkenden Hajimechi ja: Spoiler “person who looks exactly like a different unrelated person, who happens to be some sort of royalty”. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Norio Tsuboi as Tsunomaru. Oct 31, 46, 0 0 UK twitter.


Moneca Stori as Michelle ep Nana Mizuki’s Ai no Hoshi from Yamato would like to have a hztaraku with you. Of the ones I’ve jataraku Making a list with no order for now, will sort and add comments as I develop it. Fox Kids France Distributor: I had just started watching anime this year and this is probably the first one that grabbed me and compelled me to look into more anime. This anime is also a herald of the coming Kantai Collection apocalypse.

Adorableness at it’s finest.

Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 10 [ Bg Subs ]

Mahito Tsujimura as Zeile eps HxH is the best shonen out there and the Chimera Ant Arc took it to new heights. It’s bright, it’s young, it’s whimsical and the appeal of magic via the idea of fan service-less Harry Potter theme with witches really works. None hatarak, add some.

Also, having Kirara straight-up complain about having to watch a dozen shows which kind of don’t make sense did a lot to win me over. This week brings us no big bombs Park Yeongnam as Genki. Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta – A show that’s spisode indulgent and restrained, depending on where you look.


Certainly, it’s no Hyouka, but I dunno – whilst it’s not outlandishly funny, there’s something about the slightly dry way it handles itself which really worked for me. Francis Ibanez as Golem.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Cute anime girls representing powerful warships! Michael Habeck as Gali 1st voice.

Monster Rancher (TV)

Keiichi Sonobe as Gujikon. It’s been years since I last laid my eyes on the pokemon anime or a movie so this was a welcome development for me. I consistently enjoy the show and have watched it on an almost weekly basis for a while now.

Anime Streaming Channels Dec 3, Doc Harris as Golem eps Help improve our database by adding an haharaku theme here. So this show’s action was most important samaa me. The Descent- Much improved from the first two movies, ending was great too.

Hopefully they adapt the Dark Swordsman Arc soon.