If you like the stoned out surf culture and can laugh at it but still can see the heart in surfing and the deepness in it and in not selling out, you will like this movie a lot. Dudes who like to surf. Speaking of, does anyone know if “Bitch, please” is from a movie, because I say that way too much. You can just see one waking up and going, “Dude, I just had this dream, where I was Matthew McConaughey, only I was like, this famous surfer, and then these corporate dudes were trying to bring me down, but I didn’t care and decided to sit on the beach for a couple months. Theories and ideas and intentions of the characters are just what it is. So while it is not that original, though there are hints, it is very very entertaining. Tuesday, August 24, Movie Meme:

The IMDb rating definitely made me think twice but since the title suggested harmless banter at worst, I switched it on in the background. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I surf and have for 20 years. Matthew in real life, not the movie lives out of a trailer, traveling the nation! Give me your two cents True enough this is a stoner movie, because it’s full of stoners, or even for those who are just wanting to watch something that won’t make you feel bad about the white supremacy, or how corrupt the modern world is, or how we should go green, and it doesn’t have major budget high flying, heart wrenching romance. Yes the shots of the sea and the waves will always have a calming effect on us, it is scientifically explained. The goats, you gotta enjoy the goats.

Your still hot Matt, butt – “Your first loss is your best loss. However, in terms of where all these elements go, the movie tanks.

Be Your own man, surf, get the girls, be true to yourself, enjoy life, be one with nature. I might be the only one who appreciates how amazing you are in every single thing that you do, and how you are with Spencer, “Spence,” and in every single thought that you have, and how you say what you mean, and how you almost always mean something that’s all about being straight and good.


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For one thing, for all of his incessant I-don’t-need-to-wear-a-shirt-ness, McConaughey is a likable guy as Steve, a guy who has a craving for a wave, all the time, every time it’s possible. January 11, at 2: It’s simply too filled with well-intentions to simply stomp and kick the crap out of. Like the waves though, it is good not to force this movie.

Every time the camera lens focuses on him, he becomes a different character. Take example from Tyler Durdin and “just let go”. It is free and quick. There are simple meanings about capitalism and retrieval to nature and stuff like that.

This movie is pure entertainment.

I don’t know what lest to say, like the movie itself. He is the relaxed one we are the frustrated ones. Of all the strides the image of surfing has made, this movie harsshing us all back. Search for an Idiom Search for: Not much to say, this film won’t stress you out, won’t make to many demands on you, like a surfer girlfriend, and you don’t have to even pay that much attention.

I guess our hero is kinda the last hippie. Go back to the Annette Funicello beach movie days.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Maybe it’s harxhing I was trapped on a plane and this was sort of an escape. This seems to have been made by stoners, for stoners. Instead of clever dialogue and an engaging plot, we are treated to lots of “stoner lingo,” tight shots of girls’ asses, and plenty of topless scenes thrown in for good measure.

It was such a disappointment and non stimulating experience I don’t recall leaving the house. Sure I went to admire the Matt man, yet we some how broke into uncontrollable laughter when his pearly butt arrived on the screen.

The abortion of thought that went into this film will shock and astonish you. This movie is about simplicity of life being threatened by too much greed.

This is more like a long stoner fantasy. Chill out with the movie, dude. Addington is like a creature from another world, but at the end of the film it feels like he is the one from planet Earth with the goat shepherd and the fisherman and on the other hand we who made the fields chessboard looking, made the trees stand in order and in the exact same distance from each other in the forest, we are the aliens, or robots. Then my second priority is this movie original? Originally Posted by Harsying.


Also, a couple years back I remember msllow Matthew didn’t cooperate and was arrested for being too loud while playing his Bongo drums, smoking cannabis, in the nude, with his buddies. A boring disappointment with no plot Gordon 14 July Even Blue Crush was more accurate and respectful to the sport of Surfing than this movie.

I recommend this movie to all people that just want to chill for an hour and a half. All and all, if you like a movie that is an offbeat comedy that tries something new, then you will love this movie!

They used it then. You can talk and laugh with friends while watching because you don’t need to listen for any plot twists or turns. It is obvious that Woody, Matthew, and the entire cast had a great deal of fun while making this film. Dudes who hate corporate America.

The film doesn’t have mind-blowing visual effects, stomach-twisting suspense, or an ingenious plot. So while it is not that original, though there are hints, it is very very entertaining. Add suffers what can only be described as massive withdraws coupled with delusional psychosis.

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I am sure the script writer was creating the script for this movie under the strong impression of ‘Annie Hall’. Fill in your details below or ,ellow an icon to log in: Tuesday, August 24, Movie Meme: That’s pretty short, but it fits since there isn’t really any story. Even so, I liked Surfer, Dude. I watched Surfer, dude last night in the TV and i enjoyed it for what it ,ellow.

Though I have to say that Matthew McConaughey did a really good job.