The Turkmen moved westward, and settled in what is now Turkey. The Georgian Chronicle 18th century records the marriage of Queen Rusudan and ” le fils d’Orthoul ” by whom she had ” une fille…Thamar…[et] un fils…David ” []. Mahmud had one child: He defeated his brother twice in , but was later deserted by his own troops and captured by his brother Musa near Adrianople and strangled. Emperor Ioannes II launched his first campaign against the Turks in Spring , capturing Laodicea and Sozopolis from the Seljuks as well as attacking the Danishmends in the east [80]. The History of Hamd-Allah Mustaufi records that ” l’atabeg Nosret-eddin-Abou-Becr, fils de Mohammed ” left for Azerbaijan the same night when Kijil Arslan was murdered and succeeded to the throne []. The date of her marriage is indicated by the suggested birth date of her daughter. After repressing rival emirates in Asia Minor during the first years of his reign, he re-entered Europe in

The accuracy of this report must be doubtful, but if it is correct it is not necessarily the case that the marriage was finalised as the bridegroom would have had to convert to Islam. One of these beg , general Bulan, son of a Jewish woman, seized the throne by and converted his people to Judaism and was ancestor of the later Jewish dynasty. Pecheneg attacks on the Magyar tribes living to the east of the Carpathian basin, described in detail by Emperor Konstantinos VII [8] , resulted in the Magyars migrating to Transylvania and the Pechenegs settling in their original lands north of the Black Sea. He wrote towards the end of the first quarter of the 13th century. Its coverage is broadly similar but it includes more detail on the lives of the atabeg rulers of Mosul, and less on the Ayubid dynasty. Orkhan had four children:

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He fled to Constantinople in [93]. A treaty of partition was agreed, imposed by the Mongols, maybe in between Kilic Arslan and his half-brother Kay Kawus, under which the former was granted the eastern provinces with Sivas, Kayseri and Sinop, while the latter ruled the remaining Seljuk territory [].

Alp Arslan had nine children: After this the Kumans left Hungary, raiding neighbouring countries as they went. He was chosen by his father as his successor but he was a weakling and was displaced by his older half-brother after their father died [].

He was sent with his sister as a hostage to Constantinople. He defeated his brother Isa and seized Bursa in He succeeded as second Seljuk Sultan in Hamd Allah Mustaufi records that ” Barkiaroc ” left Isfahan on the death of his father and was placed on the throne at Rei, in defiance of his step-mother []. He was master of western Thrace by the time he died, and had absorbed the emirates of Sarakhan and Karasi in north-west Asia Minor.


Ibrahim had one child: Abul-Feda records that ” Turcan Khatoun, femme de Malec Chah ” concealed the death of her husband, and left for Isfahan where the troops swore homage to her son Mohammed [].

Her father agreed her marriage in in the face of growing Ottoman pressure on his territory. Born in Gharshistan, to the east of Herat. Emir of Sinjar He inflicted a crushing defeat on Emperor Romanos IV at Manzikert 19 Augcapturing the emperor and forcing a tribute from Byzantium. V, Book IX, pp. He was deposed by Zengi in He increased his territory at the expense of the Byzantine empire, taking advantage of the latter’s decline.

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She was ordered to marry Ishak Pasha, one of Sultan Murad’s closest advisers who was appointed Governor of Anatolia after the Sultan’s death. The Kamel-Altevarykh Chronicle records the death ” au mois de djomada premier ” in A. Hamd Allah Mustaufi records the death in A. This reference appears to refer to children of Uzun Hasan of the White Sheep, the right to the Persian throne being transmitted through their mother.

Abul-Feda records that ” au mois de chouwal ” in A.

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ISA murdered Kutahya The Kamel-Altevarykh Chronicle records the death in A. The versions of these sources which have been consulted are the French translations included in the 19th century compilation Receuil des historiens des croisadesone difficulty with which is that they translate no material dealing with events before the end of the 11th century. Her marriage was arranged by her mother when she accepted Ottoman suzerainty over Serbia inafter her husband was killed at the battle of Kosovo [].

He placed the conquest of Constantinople as his first objective. Vardan’s History records that ” Alp Arslan…had eight sons of whom the good and peace-loving Malik Shah ” succeeded him [].

He captured the fortress of Melangeia [Yenishehir] which became aoltan base of operations []. Episoode was killed defending the town against Timur Khan of the Tartars. Three or more children: Orderic Vitalis records that he besieged German crusaders at the castle of Xerigordon, which surrendered 29 Sep [], its defenders including “Count Berthold” being led away into captivity [59]. It was led by Ghazi Chelebi and was famous for its piratical exploits.


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He and his brother were enthroned in Junbut the Mongols sent his mother to govern Sivrihisar and put to death the child []. Hamd Allah Mustaufi records the death ” dans le mois de ramadan ” in A. No source has been found which names Shems ed-Din and, unless any such source emerges, there appears no basis to speculate that he was the person who was later baptised Athanasios.

The sources suggest that Mikail’s alleged sons Daud and Jeghir were in fact the same person. The emirate of Karasi was defeated off Adramyttion by the newly formed “league of Christian powers” led by Venice in [].

He invaded Asia Minor in Governor of Ankara He fought in the battle of Kosovo, but was strangled on the orders of his brother immediately after the latter’s accession [].

Abul-Feda records the death in A. Abul-Feda records Salah ed-Din left 17 sons and one daughter when he died []. The Khazar great chief Khagan was a prince delegate Yabgu of the Turkish dynasty. He succeeded his uncle Yagibasan in [48]. OMAR -after Dec He rebelled against his father in Maybut the rebellion was quickly crushed and he was blinded. The Georgian Chronicle records that ” a certain man from Turkistan…Dughlubak grew strong ” and became sultan [].

Vardan’s History names ” Sarchuk’s son Museapaghoy ” []. Hamd Allah Mustaufi records that ” son oncle paternal Caverd, fils de Djeghir-Beg ” rebelled after the accession of Sultan Malik Shah in but slotan captured ” dans les environs de Caradj ” and poisoned []. He died in battle against Sunni Muslims. Its author was a junior member of the Ayubite dynasty which provided rulers of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Syria soltwn the midth century until the Mongol conquest in the 13th century.

Umur Beg’s exploits were celebrated in the epic poem The Destan by the Turkish poet Enveri, written in the s [].