So everyone should be aware. I got good reviewers from the audience saying that I did well. Then I try it and train many times. The truth should be to the contrary: Nevertheless, we, the young, have to challenge them. She attended the first and second grades in Sahel. So in order to prevent a girl from becoming sexually wild, we need to cultivate her mind attitude and not cut a part of her body. I do try some writing.

But through the hard work of the writer, director and all the others, we completed the work successfully. Most of the crimes committed in our country are done by the youth. For example, our sensitization focuses on prostitutes, men who travel a lot due to their work and people who engage in sex much. The old public or traditional rationale for this act is: But some women fail to report the rape to the police because of shame, fear or risk of alienation. What is the percentage of youth in crime?

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I especially like the part about Tekhle and his mother. What is the reason? Mainly I want to thank eitrean public, young and old, for supporting me for my modest contribution and encouraging me. Some people say that the film was ended suddenly and it should have been continued. A short interview with Feruz follows. What is the relationship and cooperation among you actors?


I also want to take part in singing and dancing. They learned their lesson from their mistakes. What kind of character do you like to play? In during the Independence Day celebrations I took part in the youth mass sport aerobics. So the message or theme in the songs lyrics needs to be constructive. And eriteran the younger artists, I admire: Another matter, there need to come a change of behavior. I do try some writing. After that I sang a song in the Rritrean language about the unity of the Somali people.

I like other works of art dealing with the youth in general. Stay updated via RSS.

In our films, there are not many female screenwriters or directors. In addition to sports she studies Italian and French hxreg. The film opened my acting career for me. I started acting as a reserve with a second actress. The film was educational. I want to continue and grow in this profession of acting. It was hard for me to work with great artists like Moive Menges.


If we add self-confidence to this we, women can achieve our goals.

When you were young, what did you want to become? So they must get enough protection and cooperation from their families and employers.

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Generally the concerned authorities must work hard to educate the public about the law. I read books and watch many films local and foreign. Even the children can benefit better when the woman is educated.

I think it was quite good. So I wanted movke study law. Does a female actress face any challenges in particular? What should a woman do if she faces the risk of rape? She can manage her family life better and she is more productive economically. The truth should be to the contrary: