The creepy director replied that there’s something that each and everyone of them was holding, and then they left. Had it not been for shinee visuals, I wouldn’t have sat through this drama.. Kitahama suddenly stands up and tells Mizuki to take off her clothes. When Jae Hee visits Eun Gyul’s house she also plays with his dog, and at the end she’s also walking a dog. He was a good mix of cold douche and caring friend. When it comes to the topic of what to do, however, they’re at a loss.

Yeah the finale was great and really missed this drama huhu One last time, ladies: Instead, Kitahama asks him if he doesn’t want to participate in the soccer match. I hadn’t noticed before,but jonghyun always used to mention shin se kyung’ name even joking and those shows were prior years before they started dating. Heartbreak suits him so well … sigh. Startled, Kitahama tells Umeda that he’s not into that kind of thing and Umeda takes his glasses, telling him that he won’t be able to see the students’ true faces if his glasses are fogged up. May 2, at 4:

Jeannette October 8, at 6: As he walks by, one of the students mockingly asks him what score he recieved. That explains the girly portrayal.

I loved all of the songs! Thanks for doing this one. Jung Woo says he spoke to Min Young, tears in his eyes. So I was pleasantly surprised that he did a solid job in his acting debut. Kitahama replies, saying that if he wants to do whatever he likes, he’s free to repeat the grade and do it all over again. Because its full with cuteness and adorable characters and casts.


Nanba calls the rehearsal off and everyone rushes out, everyone Bleak and bleaker, eh? Just couldn’t buy her portrayal as Jae Hee.

To the Beautiful You: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Gummimochi put it beautifully. IMHO, John Kim should loves Jae-hee like Tae-jooni does, silently and strongly, doing a lot of things for Jae-hee but kept to himself when time is not right to tell.

He should bring this secret to his grave. Never saw this video. None that were interesting.

The Things I Loved: The dorm heads walk in and learn of the situation and the machine goes around accusing people one by one until finally Nakatsu walks in. Sun Woo pulls out the letter Jung Woo left for him, the envelope is now bloody from being tucked inside his jacket. He almost said that he knew the garment belonged to her, since she’s a girl but he held back and instead, told her not to torture the rest of them anymore. Despite of all the flaws I have enjoy this drama.

Han-na-rang know when to shut up on this sacred secret. And Minho, my god. He finds a mess of junk food wrappers and empty soju bottles. This was 16 episodes of just plain kdrama cuteness. Now a fully fledged SHinee fan girl after being neutral about them before. Insisting that Eun-gyul and Tae-joon are without fault, she vows to accept the punishment that she deserves. BBB October 8, at 8: Ikuta Toma was my main guy in the J-version, just as Eun Gyul was here, their confusion as to their sexuality basically was a huge part in the story Sano murmured after Mizuki went to her bed, “Then what if I do jump?


I’m not sure what was lacking Sun Woo corrects him; Choi had everything to do with his stabbing in To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Her character Minyu was forced to pretend to be a guy. Time Travel — Epis…. After finding out who made hate notes, Rui Xi had a talk with Yang Yang and made friends.

The Dramatards

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I am on the edge of thinking his facial expressions are over the top ludicrous and then a chill runs down my spine. Noe walks in with a machine he says will help find out who the real cheater is. But then Tae-joon replies that he has no intention to make it alone. I think Hyunjae is informed everything by Eungyul about school matters during the competition, ha. Notify me of new comments via email.

Hana Kimi Ep 9 Complete Synopsis + Impression

Thanks for all your hard work, gummi! I know the other versions and the manga.

Anyway, here it is! But also school and friendships and decisions about the future epispde part of it. I’ve heard of Majo Saiban, but need to look up what’s about or who’s acting in there. Oh Jeanette, this one is a must watch for the cuteness! All the kisses in the drama were “surprise” kisses and they were cute. They got a message from Hibari who said that she’d be returning soon.

I’ve had the worst week