Then a year later, Kumar notices that Meena does not accompany him to the stage anymore, and excuses herself on the pretext of being ill. By the way, another good Mahendra Kapoor song: This is certainly not Narbada Shankar. What a coincidence, I saw this movie last week practically back to back. So perhaps,all said and done, Vimmy was the right choice. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Here folks some of my fav, solos and duets, these were the ones I cud think off hand. I had seen the songs over and over in Chitrahaar but never the film. On the other hand, Sharmila Tagore being bumped off bloodily in the middle of a film may not be the best way to endear a lot of audiences. What a coincidence, I saw this movie last week practically back to back. I remember once as a child my parents were discussing something and dad mentioned an actor called Randhir , I wonder whether that was his name. Any film where a Hindi film gets murdered and actually stays murdered has to be worth it. Thank you , Shilpi!

My next review deserves to be of a film of hers. Simply on the basis of her looks? Vimmi of course is a great put movje. She was a woman ahead of her time; she rebelled against those who tried to smother her and fell victim to those who sought to live off her and use her.

I love Hamraaz, for the very reasons you mention, its all so scenic and pretty. RIP — I liked that actress a lot. I remember Keshto Mukherjee playing a very convincing even if not remotely pretty! Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Sujit Kumar. Then one by one, they die Kumar swiftly falls in love with Meena and pursues her—fortunately in a somewhat dignified way, not with the shameless lechery of most Hindi film heros.

Very possibly, pacifist — at least for me!

I rented Saheli too because of Kalpana — I wanted to see more of her films. Meena onlnie him not to speak about her marriage to Rajesh. Most of the comments here are about Vimi. Kalpana with her trade mark style with real tight salwaar kameez in all movies did a ha,raaz job in Biwi Aur Makaan, it was Hrishida as the Director so he really got the best out of all characters in the movie, we enjoiied that movie thoroughly. All Ashok knows is that the primary suspect is a bearded man by the name of S.


Oh, yes — Teesri Manzil is another favourite of mine. Incidentally, ash, do you have a link for the Woh dekho dekh raha tha papiha hamrazz

A courtroom drama ensues. I think he may have occasionally played the pujari role but not as often as Narbada Shankar. Oh, sad news about Nalini Jaywant! Is this the same person as in this lovely Manna Dey song? I had seen this a few years ago but had forgotten a lot of the second half of the movie.

I know that sounds negative, but since it is so hard to make a fav list of mohd. Meena and Kumar hurry to Darjeeling, and Mr Verma manages to summon up enough strength to make a long overdue confession to Meena: I think Humraaz is a bit like Jewel Thief in one respect: But that does seem a little unlikely, because I really wonder if any woman could have made it to lead actress even if short-lived with a drawback as massive as that.

Nobody from the colony was ready to adopt them. Kumar, just by the way, phones the doctor to find out further details, and discovers that Meena never did visit him. Eight people are trapped on an island when their plane abandons them. Thanks for this info Raja, now can you just mention some of his films so that I can put a face to the name.

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And yu know I am in awe, he was married to another sooni kudi: This actor is the one I am referring to, I have seen him in 1697 number of films. He now hands over the papers to Meena so that she can go find her daughter.

Aww Bollyviewer Raaj Kumar is good in anything, just for that lovely voice! The one you fred, lovely, lovely. It does look like Radheshyam in Chanda aur Bijli.


Must look out for it. I have seen this film, but it was such moie bad spy thriller, that I seem to have mentally blanked out even the songs, which I now realise are actually very nice. Some day I intend to make a list of famous Mohd. Goodness, I had no idea. So I wondered how she looks today, I mvie Google and was surprised that she passed away in and led a very tragic life.

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She had a tough life owing to her acting inability it seems. Tejpal tells an intriguing story: Yeh Hawa is here and chalo ik baar is here- DO look fwd to the anniversary of Mahendra Paajee on 9th Jan and what you pick: Incidentally, Mahendra Kapoor seems to have sung some good songs for Biswajeet, right?

While on a trip to scenic Darjeeling, he meets with and falls in love with, Meena, the only daughter of wealthy military contractor, Verma.

Wanted to see Kalpana, but the ending was soooo strupid. Ashok Kumar, Dev Anand, Vyjayanthimala. This is certainly not Narbada Shankar. Coming to the movie itself. Her wooden acting was bordering on irritating for me.

Those white shoes with their very very narrow toes, coming almost to a point… yes, Jeetendra all the way! The death of yesteryear star Nalini Jaywant has not only shaken her former colleagues, but also Bachchan and Pappu, the two strays who had been her faithful and constant companions over the last few years.

I can understand why she might have inspired Sahir Ludhianvi to write Kisi patthar ki moorat se: Learn how your comment data is processed.