The recent ‘Slammer’ and ‘Slammer by Hamer’ are the ones to be leery of. View the Media Kit. Enter to win a signed lithograph and a copy of each of the recent Cars re-issues on vinyl! All were in a more conventional Fender-style mode. They have nice quilting, but the abalone binding around the body AND the fretboard edge is just too much. Skip to main content. I believe it is a Sunburst with a dark purple flame top.

Its sound was pretty much equal to the Stellar 1, maybe just a tad better. Great guitar, great sound even with just Duncan Design pickups. It is sometimes incorrectly applied to guitars which look similar but are made of other woods, such as ash. These Slammer by Hamers were probably available through the move to Connecticut. This site uses cookies. Stick around and enjoy! A mini-toggle bypassed the volume control for instant lead mode. Get a Hamer guitar.

These two generations were both made in Korea. There was a small black pickup, three-way select, volume and tone controls.

The History of Hamer, Part Four | Vintage Guitar® magazine

I sold that guitar so I could buy tickets to a show my wife and I really wanted to see but couldn’t afford. Wow, my first day signing in in ages, and I see a notification for this old thread.

Slammer by Hamer ByHamer had begun to modify its import strategy and made a transition for its Ko-rean models which would end up being called the Import Series — basically upscale copies of its better Hamer USA guitars, still made in Korea.

Some of us here had Subnurst imports as out first Hamer guitar, then found out more about the USA models. Hi Steven, Welcome from another fellow Brit albeit a filthy Sassenach. Fernandes had a good sound for the cost, but as I do my research on guitars I stumble on or hear about, I find that many guitar manufacturers have good, cheap, entry-level guitars that have a decent sound. Guitars had traditional non-locking vibratos.


But the imports are credible rockers for when you need decent sound, look, and playability but also need to not worry about it getting trashed. I think you will too. Pickups were hand-wound using oxygen-free Monster Cable wire, with gold covers signed by Seymour Hamed himself. It was a great guitar! Stick around and enjoy! Hey,it’s good to see you back again. I am also a huge hamer fan. S,ammer bad the Hamer wasn’t what you hoped for. Filed under guitarMe. The Eclipse sported two Seymour Duncan mini-humbucking pickups with three-way select, one volume and one tone control.

Some recent basses use Seymour Duncans.

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Of the imports, that’s the one I’d buy I’ve had a few of them. I have now owned more Hamer guitars 8 than I have any other guitar brand, with Fernandes a close second 7.

I will not buy a used one,looking for a brand new one. A mini-toggle bypassed the volume control for instant lead mode. The move occasioned a realignment of the product line. I used the money to buy the XT that I love, so I don’t regret getting rid of it at all. It met the same specs as the original, with a one-piece mahogany body, bound bookmatched flamed maple top, glued-in mahogany neck, droopy six-in-line headstock, twin humbuckers, finetune, stoptail, three-way, volume and two tones.

As alluded to earlier, in terms of design the Import Series was very similar to their previous American counterparts, although materials were sometimes different.

Beginning in late serial numbers were again stamped into the wood. Hey Diocletian, Hi Steven- welcome from a fellow Scotsman The neck is glued in, with the three-and-three headstock. The Standard Custom had a bound rosewood fingerboard with crown mother-of-pearl inlays.


The History of Hamer, Part Four

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Ok, I remember seeing these at my local Sam Ash a couple years ago. Recent Studio versions of the Archtop and Archtop Artiste feature Wilkinson single-piece hardtail bridges. The Phantom had a Honduras mahogany body, glued-in neck, three-and-three headstock, fret rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, finetune bridge and stop tailpiece.

Now the low E has the matching Sperzel tuning machine bac On the head is written Hamer big and then Slammer Series small. I’m acting a bit foolish! It has the humbucker and two sin I’m pretty happy with what I have now, my two most expensive guitars Jackson SL3 Soloist and Gibson LP Studio along with some various lower priced but decent quality others are plenty for me.

Of course, there are different tiers of expense even within the Hamer USA guitars, but they are all professional quality boutique guitars.

Hamer Sunburst Archtop… any still around?

Help FAQs Go to top. Otherwise it was similar to the Sunburst. Could be much better which sunburdt pickups, I’m planning to put a SD JB and a ’59 in the guitar other suggestions for pickups?

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