You have to get to the control room. There is a shotgun ammo crate between the breach and 36, and an SMG ammo crate near the forklift at The next section is a tunnel, with a few acid antlions. Enjoy your supplies and then move on to the next area. You should see acid flying. Get on the platform and press the button. I Under the radar p. After this, head down the tunnel to get the third cache.

Climb up and go straight. You will approach the lift that connects the bottom of the pit with Alyx Vance. To the White Forest p. Go up to the end and use the ladder to get to the next area. Remember to jump on it before it’s too low. At that time, sprint to the other side and dive into the yellow tunnel. The antlions will swarm, but are cut to shreads by you and the reinforcements. I To the White Forest p.

As soon as the lift reaches the bottom, jump onto it.

Half Life 2: Episode Two Walkthrough This Vortal Coil

vorttal All in all you should get to the place seen on the screenshot. There are several antlions in a group; you will see a new attack that vorgal the antlions, and you need to quickly kill them when they’re in that state. Walk forward and have another brief run in with the queen.

The vortigaunt will then activate the generator to open the nearby door. Take the goods from a crate on your way up.


To the left there will be a tunnel leading to the caves. Time is crucial, so just use the shotgun to haof the boards away. The zombies and antlions will continue fighting eachother. You just need to hold your ground until the lift gets to the bottom. Wait for the queen to kick at the hole and then move on. The vortigaunt will alert you when it does.

They will explain the current location, providing information on how to set up defences. He’ll lead you to the extract.

You have to get to the control room. After killing them, you should see a lift back up, but it’s not designed for a single person.

Crouch under the big mixer and drop down for a wild cart ride. There are 2 ways of getting the crates. You should now be on the lower floor of the elevator. Look at the big mixer in the room.

The Orange Box: Half-Life 2: Episode Two Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

I Shotgun Ride p. Adance into a different tunnel, knocking the support beams out behind a grate. From left to right, the Breach a burrowed tunnel by antlions36 epizode you entered12, and Get health from the local area as well as making sure your count is before jumping down.

The vort will join you again. Select the area where you’re stuck and then keep clicking “Show Another Hint” to get the right level of help — anything from a small nudge to a full answer.


The Orange Box: Half-Life 2: Episode Two Hints from UHS. Not your ordinary walkthrough.

The vortigaunt will tell you that the acid antlions allow the quick carving of the tunnels, as well as a deterrent for robbers. Be ready to face some zombies. This is the real one you need anyway. Grub count is Then the lift will move down.

Half Life 2: Episode Two Walkthrough This Vortal Coil

Go up thls the end and use the ladder to get to the next area. Then you need to lure her out just a bit. Kill the zombine as soon as he stands up by the controls. While it’s up, walk out and use the gravity gun to lift the metal bundles and put them aside. The big dangers are the 2 houses by the elevator.

III Our mutual friend p. When both of you are there, press the button. Go inside and head right. You will get to a room with a blocked lift.