Btw, years later, what if the clear the forest around moonlight garden. From the ending alone I would suspect there to be a season This is getting too meta for my liking. The phone was shown, but I didn’t even see its brand name. Dad heaves another long sigh and stalks out. A girl with veil tries to shoo away a fox. I don’t buy the reincarnation stuff because in the end, YW then and YW now, are still different people.

But it was too bad for the actors to play a role with the script out of the idea OOI like that. The blue lights heals it but 3 masters and SJ notice that there is still scar on his hand. A girl with veil tries to shoo away a fox. Return of the Jar Fetus. Kang-chi thinks in voiceover: Has anybody noticed how they met again under a cherry-blossom with a crescent moon? I also love the OST, a lot.

Overall I think it was an alright drama.

The only possible explanations I could come up with regarding the ending is that it’s all a product placement ploy, because boy is it hard to insert cell phones, clothes, orange juices, and etc into sageuks or that the writer was simply drunk or on drugs. Return of the Jar Fetus. Thank you dear javabeans and girl friday for sticking out with the last 2 lacklustre ending episodes, and I really enjoyed reading the recaps over watching the drama sometimes.

That would be a great idea!

Because he told us so. My condolences no sarcasm to all those who did not escape unscathed.

SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1 – 24 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

It’s that sinopis producers and writers involved in this drama let it run a very predictable, cliched course which is what’s supremely disappointing. The first two episodes were totally epic while the last two were totally epic fails.


I didn’t like the reincarnation ending in RTP and from what I’ve read, I would absolutely hate this one. The whole “gumiho blood can save each person only once” is a direct match for the “Tenseiga can only revive each person one time” rule.

I guess they used some other words, more reflective of what would have been sinopsks back then. In the end, I got cheated with this Reincarnated ending. And my sewing is terrible? I am with zfih, every word. Didn’t he also have that piece of wood that identified Tae-seo as one of the men of honor as well as Soo-ryun’s sash that identified her as one?

For this last episode, since they were reincarnating other characters too, they should have gone all out.

Your email address will not be published. But… I wanted to SEE that.

Gu Family Book 1-24 (Final)

Truth be told, I wished for an ending that would prove the monk wrong – that is, to have Kang-chi and Yeo-wool’s strong feelings for each other to conquer that damned fate.

He turns human and he’s looking for some sign of a miracle but it isn’t happening. Yoram October 25, at 1: The impact this time was not as strong for me, though I ssinopsis hoping that she would be revived somehow or show up again.


He asks why, episose she says that someone got hurt because of her, and all she could do was stand by and cry.

I guess they were just acknowledging each other. I thought it was a pretty good ending, though I definitely could have gone without ALL the characters being reincarnated. Also, sinlpsis some reason, I was more moved by KC saying goodbye to everyone than by YW dying, though I thought it was well acted and well filmed I thought Suzy did really in this ep. An endless, hopeless loop. Oh man, I really feel for you guys.

SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode 1-24 Episode Terakhir

It seems he has considered it when he took as a leading male -124 in GFB, as a leading male actor he has a big responsibility to make the drama awesome. Too bad story became this murky in the last episodes: I actually got burned bad not too long ago and so I’m far more cautious now than I used to be.

Kang-chi strangles him as he bleeds, growling that a useless human like him needs to die. From the ending alone I would suspect there to be a season But so much of the emotional payoff I wanted was never delivered.