We need to help others throughout the year, not just on holidays. The other romantic relationship showcased in this episode is Evan and Rebecca. Ashleigh begins to question her relationship with Simon, while Casey and Evan face off on opposing sides of a mock trial. In the process of studying all the actives, the KT pledges come across an unfamiliar name. I’m not going to say which house, but it could’ve been an accident, it could’ve been on purpose. I thought this would spell the end for Casey and Cappie, but they seem okay for now. I can’t imagine they’ll get off so easily in the finale. Rusty gets the last laugh in the end, though, as he gets his self-healing wire to actually work.

Casey learns that she must forgive and reinstate Frannie before Lizzie will leave. Rusty still dislikes Grant because Grant participated in major Omega Chi attacks against him, including that time they stuck Rusty to a wall. Is she going to struggle with being in love with this guy and maybe taking care of him because he hasn’t really found his way just yet? A snowstorm hits Cyprus just in time for Calvin’s 21st birthday party. In an effort to change the vote, Casey uses her political savvy to enlist IFC president, Evan, to stage a petition signing. Following an argument with Calvin after their date, Heath confesses to hooking up with another guy, forcing their breakup.

Retrieved July 12, It’s difficult because they’ve rekindled the friendship with Evan and [are] trying to make it OK with everybody [who] they’ve dated.

In an effort to change the vote, Casey epiaode her political savvy to enlist IFC president, Evan, to stage a petition signing. Evan confronts Rebecca about being exclusive and accuses her of being afraid of love. Retrieved February 20, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rusty, though a hero to the school for stealing the goat returns home unable to find the mystery girl.

It’s freshman parent’s week and Rusty attempts to prevent his parents from seeing Kappa Tau. I think Rusty has a pretty legitimate gripe here.

Casey has a date with a former boyfriend, Derek. Evan came up with a Thanksgiving themed cocktail, and everybody seemed to have a good enough time. Evan and Cappie’s former friendship is revealed, as is the reason he and Casey broke up, and why the ball was canceled the previous year. To celebrate the lifting of the Dean’s restrictions, Omega Chi throws a party for the best houses on campus.


Casey sets Ashleigh up with Beaver. That will be something I deal with internally as a character. Retrieved February 15, Rusty goes to Katherine’s room, but decides to not go through with it because he feels uncomfortable. Meanwhile ZBZ tries to get back to number one. La La Land 6. Thursday, October 29, Greek 3.

After the first 10 episodes of Greek aired, production was halted because of the Writers Guild Strike.

And what about Casey and Katherine’s rivalry during Songfest? Ashleigh’s bill for her credit card is much higher than she expected, and enlists Casey to help her learn to count cards, who in turn enlists Rusty and Max to teach them how to count cards in an effort to win at 21 during Omega Chi’s Casino Night.

Chapter One was released.

‘Greek’ recap: A ‘Gatsby’ of a good time

Meanwhile, Rusty and Dana work in the fappie and deal with some issues. Casey seeks advice from Lauren Conrad in a dream. Casey struggles if she should throw the game for Cappie or win for ZBZ. Meanwhile, it’s nearing the end of the Greek-wide game of Gotcha!

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Casey finds out about Rebecca and Fisher secret kiss, but when Rebecca confesses to Ashleigh, she outs Casey for keeping it a secret. During the last week of the school year, the Greeks initiate their pledges. Ashleigh seems a bit jealous that Casey is happy an in a relationship while she is not.

Cappie and Rebecca try to end their fling. Casey and Max’s relationship hits a road block when they realize they’ll be spending the summer apart.

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After the exam, Joel meets Casey at the test site with a bottle of scotch. Cappie, Casey, Evan, and Frannie’s histories are explored in a flashback episode. Meanwhile, Rusty desperately wants to play for the Kappa Tau’s, so he and Dale join forces in an attempt to use science to overcome his lack of coordination, without success. Married at First Sight.


Ashleigh moves out of Rusty’s apartment and after talking to Casey, she decides that she wants to date Rusty. Who would you like Casey to be with when the series eventually comes to an end?

January 3, [3]. Cappie throws a big party for homecoming in efforts to impress Kappa Tau alumni Lasker Parks who comes to check on his son Peter, a pledge. Casey is concerned with impressing Senator Logan, while fighting capple her parent’s disapproval. She wants to throw a big Thanksgiving party at the ZBZ house for all the volunteers. Retrieved March 14, Rusty struggles with Cappie not trusting him when he tries out being the pledge educator and Ashleigh tells Casey she and Fisher broke up.

Cappie and Rebecca fight for a single position in the Human Sexuality class. Joel then asks her why she was spending time with him when she had a boyfriend.

Everybody left on campus is feeling charitable, and Moveable Feast already has more than enough volunteers. When they confront Ashleigh about it, she refuses to believe them despite the evidence against him. Evan turns down his trust fund. Rusty and Jordan realize their feelings for each other, as do Cappie and Casey. I love this scene because it is absolutely something I would do back when I had roommates and they were all gone for the weekend.

Casey gets the morning after pill just in case. Ashleigh and ;lay compete to raise more money from the grads, while Casey tries to raise money from an extremely wealthy founder and engages in a relationship with her young male associate. I think that’s going to be the struggle that we see toward the end of the last 10 [episodes].

Evan finds this hard to understand, and it sort of irks him throughout the episode. Dale discovers he’s growing apart from his close-knit family.