Also, another fake scare that does nothing to advance the plot and is completely meaningless. Soon, they forget about it and just go to bed. It was a pretty action packed book for being so short and I am kind of loving revisiting this series. Mark Rowe Barbara Radecki When he is there he is told he has jungle magic and that his shrunken head does it. Jungle Magic is, of course, a perpetual deus-ex-machina that comes in handy when Mark needs to conveniently get out of a nasty scrape, but I think Stine manages to play fair by the rules he establishes and keep the tension believable even as Mark starts to reach for the salvation of the shrunken head. But I have been surprised by books about bees or the abominable snowman or a super competitive summer camp.

The eyes – solid black eyes – stared up at me. If that seems needlessly convoluted to you, then you’d be right. Anyway, on to the review. Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! But this isn’t any normal shrunken head. Trivia The pilot asks “do you live in America” to which the kid replies yes. It’s just a word he made up when he was smaller.

Even as the series seemed to become more and more absurd as it rattled along, the events in Shrunken Head feel well-motivated, with no ridiculous reveals or out-of-nowhere left turns.

The head that he has actually glows and helps him out of so many different things even in the end when they were about to kill both him and his aunt the Jungle magic shrinks Kareen and her father and Carolyn and allows Mark and Benna to escape. That’s the first Goosebumps book where I can remember looking at the cover and thinking, “What? It was cooler than the rest of the story itself. Nov 28, Joseph rated it it was amazing.


After learning the truth about his Aunt, Mark journeys into the jungle to find her.

Goosebumps Season 4 Episode 1 How I Got My Shrunken Head Part 1 – video dailymotion

Really had a good sense of place jungle in this one. Coyer Summer Bash In this novel we meet a young boy who is obsessed with a Jungle themed video game. I never read the Goosebumps books as a kid and had to pick one for The BIG reads challenge and thought that this one sounded good.

Alternate Versions Some of the 2-part episodes are edited gooaebumps one episodes for the DVD release removing the opening credits, the previous footage and credits overlays for the beginning of the episodes. Not until I talk to your aunt or she comes to get you! Read from October 18, – October 18, Shouldn’t he had gotten to keep it after all he went through in that jungle.

Is anybody even taking this seriously any more? Mark is obsessed with sshrunken jungle. Thanks for telling us about the problem. An argument could be made that the cartoonish Horror at Camp Jellyjam, six books prior, is a better and more distinctive jumping of the shark. Sorry for the rant. My favorite parts of this book were the different struggles that Mark the main character had to go through while on his adventure with the shrunken head.

And guess what else? When he is there he is told he has jungle magic and that his shrunken head does it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

How I Got My Shrunken Head: Part 2

I personally hate reading, but this book left me wanting to read glosebumps and more. Though I do very much lie the goosebumps series as a whole and would recommend them, I was surprised on how different they are. Full Cast and Crew. Mark Rowe Barbara Radecki Super weird and creepy, but great.


It myy so bizarre and weird but had that creepy cool historical, ancient civilisation kinda vibe and it was pretty great. But in the morning, I would have either got someone to remove it from my room or removed it myself. Mark soon realizes that they just want his magic and that he needs to find his aunt. Wow, this book was so COOL!!!!

This one has strange jungle magic inside it.

Nov 11, Rae Lake rated it really liked it. Then, one night as Mark was ready to go to bed, he saw the head glow. Deep Trouble was another standout for me, though shrnken direct sequel to that one bombed pretty hard in my estimation. I stared at a head. Mark barely remembers his Aunt Benna. And do you know what her first question is? Then goowebumps shows up at the door with a gift from his aunt.

Wow, this book is super-exciting! Especially in a 62 book long series. Mark Rowe Barbara Radecki It take quite a huge level of bumbling incompetence and ineptitude to drain my soul at such an alarmingly quick rate.

Anyway, Shhrunken not rereading the whole series as an adult though I have been listening to a wonderful hilarious nostalgic recap podcast called Welcome to Deadcast which brings back a lot of the old feelings, positive and negative.

Things go bad quiet quickly and the boy’s only hope is a magic he holds inside glosebumps himself. Which is ver, very rare for me. We get introduced to 2 more cliches: I actually loved Source: