I swear, this has got to be a first generation disc, but the box says For most fans, the theatrical versions were far more bothersome. Most of the information is stretched over five documentaries. He was one of the first mobsters to rat out his friends, sending a lot of people to jail for a long time, before disappearing into the FBI’s witness protection program. The transfer is sun baked, to say the least, and smeared with heavy, bleeding blacks and ugly, bold reds which brings out color banding. Featuring a new encode using VC-1, this p 2.

What on earth does Woodstock have to do with the Mafia? You can see dark objects against darker backgrounds. After a preview trailer, it immediately launches into the movie, and it has no menu. He’s a storyteller who’s grown accustomed to sitcom lighting and mostly lifeless shots. Henry Hill and his buddies were low-level foot soldiers. It’s not until a few years ago when Lionsgate stepped up their game. What’s with the 6 randomly chosen scenes?

White specks, or dust specks that are actually on the print when it’s scanned in, are also incredibly intrusive. Or, in one case, added “Nooos. It looks like a new movie, not one shot in Joe Pesci falls a little shy of that mark, but he channels small man syndrome effectively, making him even more menacing than De Niro, who knows how to scare the crap out of you. They intercut between the two using the sound effects and voices from the film.

We see the mob life in all its blood-red messiness. But that’s par for the course for Scorsese, who likes a little graininess in his films. This is one of those cases. The fifth documentary offers more on the life of La Motta and more interviews with La Motta himself. We would say that the rise and fall of Henry Hill, coupled with an Oscar-winning Pesci and pitch-perfect De Niro, is the stuff of perfect filmmaking.

This results is a lot of consumer confusion, anger or disappointment, especially when a well-known title slips into the hands of a mediocre distributor. It seems all the technology of our society is forever marching forward to make our lives easier and easier to the point that pretty soon we won’t have to do any work at all.

At first I thought it might be because this is perhaps a first generation DVD release, but I’m looking at the back of the case and it says It seems like our ideal life would to be just sitting in our comfy couches all day long and just have all our needs taken care of for us.

Not goodfellaas do you get the film in p, with Dolby TrueHD 5. The problem is that a lot of the movie consists of dark, murky scenes inside buildings with low lighting. And sometimes filmmakers, producers or cinematographers can wreck their own discs, opting for heavy digital noise reduction — which removes texture and depth just as much as it removes film grain — or color manipulation that completely alters the original intention of the film. He watched them on the street and saw the wealth, power and respect they commanded, even at the lowest levels.


We learn in the extras that the average life span of a mobster before incarceration or death is around seven to nine years. Martin Scorsese takes the helm and directs what Roger Ebert called the best mob movie ever.

With his enemies dead or in jail, Hill has little to worry about. Does The Goonies warm my cockles? The movie that made Christian Bale a household name among film geeks and cult cinema lovers gets a disc so bad it’s depressing. No one but Martin Scorsese could do this material justice.

My parents didn’t have all the cable stations growing up.

Robert De Niro: From Goodfellas to Badfellas

Despite not being a bad release, for what it is, sometimes expectations mean everything. To compare this film to The Godfather would be entirely wrong. And, as rag fans often do, it was pitched to me as “the greatest movie ever made! The Goonies has always had this sort of grimy, weathered appearance, and honestly, there’s not a whole lot Warner could really do to clean up the look of the film.

Such is The Gooniesa wonky, overlong, occasionally boring bly adventure that’s often hailed by many as one of the great classics of the ’80s. I didn’t know this until reading Ebert’s review, but he’s a life-long asthmatic, so he couldn’t play like the other kids while growing up.

Textures are much better than the original and also better than you’d expect for a film this old. Sure, Joe Pesci can be a goodflelas grating at times as he swears a blue streak for no apparent reason much of ra time, but at least he’s consistent about it. That’s what makes this film far more intense.

De Niro is at his rigid best as Ace, who goodfeolas every aspect of the Tangiers business, down to how many berries go into each off the kitchen’s muffins; Pesci has never been more frightening or fragile as Nicky, a sociopath whose self-possession catastrophically outweighs his good judgment; and Stone’s Ginger is a manipulator and hustler who hypnotizes the audience as surely as she does Ace in one unforgettable moment. Scorsese and Pileggi take point discussing, at length, more than your usual commentary subjects.

There are also 10 cards with storyboards on them, a reproduction of the original page Goonies souvenir magazine and a collector’s box that houses the whole gift set the Blu-ray is kept in a separate blue case if you want to shelve the title and goodffellas the collector’s box elsewhere.


Instead of giving goorfellas the bou edition of director Bob Clark’s genre-defining horror masterpiece, fans get a phoned-in release that’s barely better than eeview DVD. After a preview trailer, it immediately launches into the movie, and it has no menu. Even big distributors like Warner and Fox — two studios with some of the most remarkable film catalogs out there — just can’t keep up with the cost and time it takes to deliver a reference title with each catalog release.

The level of detail is also quite extraordinary as it features sharp and vivid images that provides and an almost 3-D-like quality to the movie. Henry Hill and his buddies were low-level foot soldiers.

GoodFellas – IGN

Perhaps it’s this mentality that makes rwview so pissed off by this disc’s single most irritating feature. Steven Soderbergh is well known for being a bit of a visual director, giving style and panache to each and every film he makes. It just provides an utterly fascinating look in the world of organized crime with some fantastic characters.

Otherwise, it’s a great commentary for film students and fans of the movie in general. La Motta reiterates in accurate the movie was and adds some information I didn’t previously know.

Goodfellas 25th Anniversary Edition News, Previews, Articles – Blu-ray – IGN

Dated transfer, needed to be two discs. But Apatow’s films always have a bland look to them. On the down side, skin tones are good, if a little light. This single-disc BD release comes in a standard blue plastic case with fresh, bleak cover art matching the tone of the film. With something like The Informant he opts for a warmer palette and naturalistic lighting. Apparently the film crew just grabbed whomever was on the lot in to get them talking about the phenomenon that is GoodFellas worship.

All in all, these are good documentaries but there is no reason why all five couldn’t have been pieced together into one feature-length documentary covering the span of the production and afterthoughts. Just read this story of transfer woe to see what I’m talking about. But while the blame may be entirely theirs, sometimes it’s completely out of the distributors’ hands. As for the TV specials, “Vegas and the Mob” is a short but pretty informative look at the history of organized crime in Las Vegas, focusing a lot on the infamous Bugsy Siegel.