Their shoe prices are much cheaper than the department stores. Check out that vintage wallpaper! The desk inside the projection room is littered with all kinds of stuff. Dreaming Over the Rooftops. Check out popular trips from our experts. Turns out the projection room is still fully stocked with original equipment! Previous Post Mondrian Parking Garage. Descending into the darkness of the basement of the old theater building.

These make the NTU campus a place with abundant natural scenery and cultural significance. Summer Period from July 1 through Aug I had no luck around the side of the building on that first scouting mission; everything was locked up tight and there were many people around. It was formerly an old hotel. Descending into the darkness of the basement of the old theater building. Besides music events, it also holds parties, seminars, and exhibitions.

A corridor runs behind the L-shaped pillar, concealing the entrance to the ticket booth, which is now used for storage of odds and ends.

Tai Yi Milk King. Ten Shang’s Tea Co. GongGuan is full of international students and international brands.

The concrete walls and sheet metal awnings are caked with soot and grease, a product of years of cooking along this narrow stretch of alleyway, and the area beneath the fire escape has become a haven for cockroaches. Linjiang Street Tonghua Night Market. It would appear that some additional effort had been undertaken to secure this theater, though I did manage to gonggian a peek through a crack in the door. I wonder whether patrons of these establishments gongguaan what looms overhead?

It is also a good place to go for field trips.

Golden Chicken Garden Chinese Restaurant. It movoe founded in and famous for its liberal atmosphere. It has years of history and a unique taste.


Vintage ironwork on the left-hand side of the old cinema. The new building of the College of Social Science, completed tneaterwas designed by the award winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Toyo Ito, and was approved as the first public art building by the Ministry of Culture. The cafe also holds all kinds of small performances and independent filmmaker exhibitions every month.

Besides coffee and beverages, Tadpole point also serves light meals and changes the ingredients according to the season. I loved it there! Dreaming Over the Rooftops.

Movie theaters in village Gongguan, Taiwan

P did not plan to buy it originally but it’s too cheap to pass: With a little more thdater and the assistance of Google Maps I figured out where most of them were located. The Wall Music All the stores and shops here are at reasonable prices in order to attract gheater. In winter, it serves Azuki red bean soup and peanut soup.

Gua Bao is a traditional Taiwanese snack made of a sliced hot steam bum with braised pork and parsley, peanut powder, and sauerkraut, which you cannot miss. Located inside Treasure Hill Artist Village, Tadpole point is a lounge room and dining place for visitors and artists.

Many thanks to all who made this one happen, and jeers to the muckraking Taiwanese media for lifting this story without acknowledging the source and then making it seem like we broke the door down. Red bean and sesame rice balls and brewed wine rice balls are the two delicious desserts you must try.


People can learn much diverse information about water.

Gongguan Night Market – Great Taipei Travel(TravelKing)

At this point I had explored more than two dozen abandoned theaters in Taiwan and this was only the second I found with projectors still mounted inside. Besides music events, it also holds parties, seminars, and exhibitions. It is just outside of Gongguan Station MRTas this place is next to Taipei University so the selections there are geared towards the student population which is why the clothes, shoes and accessories there are very cheap, all four of us ens up buying a few pairs of sport shoes from there: The Cube was founded in an old building with more than year history in April, That same door was closed not long after this expedition so forget about going inside, just sit back and enjoy the photos.

Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market. Notice the mural in the middle of the photo? The partition is very thin and you can hear absolutely everything happening on the other side—fridge doors opening and closing, the scuffing of shoes, clerks ringing up purchases, the ding that sounds when customers cross the threshold into the store, idle conversation in Chinese.

Check out popular trips from our experts. Shuiyuan Market was built in Taipei Water Park Next time I was there I informed the bartender and we had a good laugh about it.