Yeap nothing like I’ve told u guys lol. If you add my code, make sure you tell me so I can add you back. Still no new reveals? Not even the local retail shops are safe from the limitations. Same thin happen to me about a year ago. Yeah thats probably right. And that OP, so damn good. Crunchy Roll’s manga is readable by free users, but only the most recent chapter.

That’s all I really wanna see. Anime4Fun if you wanna see it: Back to top 34 Tentacruel Posted 31 July – Perhaps just Jaco and that’s it. To each their own, though. Thats the other problem with the manga.

Always pick 7 crew.

Originally Posted by waxingturtle I tried to ask Alex Blas for troubleshooting and the guy doesn’t respond. I should read them before sites get affected and shut them down.

Bardoon agree with you, another thing I think is that Bandai put those colors on boots was because that’s the color they have for most of the time when he is in the Super Saiyan levels in DBZ.

Lol Damn, that doesn’t seem like a bad price in comparison to some of those listings. With Tamashii, I agree. Problem is some of us can afford to throw down hundreds with ease and it screws over the majority that don’t Sent from Capsule Corp using Tapatalk.


Originally Posted by CanadianSpartan. Board Privacy Policy Help. They really need to start licensing more Mangas for translation, more annoying is when they internationally release half the series, but just haven’t gotten the rest of the series. I think they’re going to venture away from shading much on the upcoming figures. Spoiler tags please, Shonen.

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Strange how they didn’t accept you. I highly doubt they are going to annime4fun out something new at this point. I at least expected the figures shown goldenn to at least make an appearance? I love them, man and my views are just my views and it’s in no attempt to say that your alternative view is wrong.

They should pop up on a couple online retailers within the next week or so, although who knows what the price will be then.

The figure design is “mostly” based off of this image: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

I love seeing Vegeta being a family man. Don’t tell episoed to be patient dude: I was just referring to the fact that the core of this back and forth is labeling these into either toys, figures, dolls, articulated plastic, what have you.

Japan to Start Anti-Anime/Manga Piracy Operation

Toys are for children. It really is, I was on the verge of buying some stuff due to good comments on here, but apparently a couple bad buyers is enough to blanket ban all customers outside the USA. My problem is that I literally only watch Arc-V as far as anime goes, and I don’t read any manga, is this gonna hurt me being able to find subs for Arc-V?


Just look at what’s been released so far.

If you add my code, make sure you tell me so I can add you back. I still pre ordered one from them since eBay seems to go for more. I got that vibe when it was shown that Beerus was being presented as a “new” foe.

But I am the potential customer. You can note the manga red lining on the boots. With that kind of customer service, wouldn’t that make you peeved as well?

United Publications – Dragon Ball Z: I think there’s hope. First figure I ever bought was of Kuroko.