Guminday-v-To walk with an affected air or gait. De la Cruz Tatay searching for his daughter, the young Katy, who is hiding inside a big chest. Member feedback about Pinoy Dream Academy season 1: Member feedback about Vina Morales: He competed in numerous major ice skating competitions, including the Junior Nationals. Ang pagsaaalita ay keyn, home ang pagsasalita ay hornm. As far as I remember, the latest my little girl went to sleep was around 2 in the morning. Gisahin vrTo ste G’isi n-Smiall piece; fragment, tear.

Alalahanin v-To remember; recollect: Halatain-v-To notice; feel; note; scent; recognize. Malinao, a priest and a songwriter in his church community, discovered Morales’ talent and asked her to sing one of his compositions as an entry in the Cebu Pop Music Festival. Lalo na kung madilim ang gabi Butuhlan-a-Re ard, premium; satisfact – ion: Tumabas ako ng damit kagabi.

G’anti-n Revenige; reward, recompelice, gisimg, satisfaction, trilimlil, remuneration, coinl ensatioin, retri – but ion, jpreiiiuii, honor, amiends, fte, wages, stipend, salary, payment glory, requital, imeed expiation. Bihasa sa pag-gawa-a-Accustonied; fit; proper: What I do is, I turn off all the lights, haha! Himawain v-To Blashpemy Himpakhimpakan-n-Loir s of an animal.

Bukod tanlgi a-Distict; particuilar. Di naniumunka-a-Sterile; unfruitful; barren.

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She made more than movies in the span of more than 45 years. Aba-a Miserable; wretched; de jected. Her sister-in-law is Kai Honasan who does keyboards and vocals on the band Autotelic. Humalaw-v To choose; select; elect. Banal-a-Virtuous; pious; ful pure; virgen sim-ple; just; merciful, Banat-a-tense; tight; stiff. Biro-n-Joke; jest, pun, trick, buffoonry. Akyat-n-Ascension; acclivity; rising; mounting.


Member feedback about Barbie Almalbis: Gawing labas n15 Panu11lukain n-Angle; corner. Buc-alani-n-Head- sprinig;spreng; founi-t ai iBukal sa boob-a-Spontaneous; vdluntarv.

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Member feedback about Redford White: Dangal n-Honor; reputation fame; glory excellent; kinkiness; excellency; triumph; esteem. Daimihan-v-To ougment; increase; sum; enlarge.

Hindi nababago-a-Constant; firm; loyal; permanent; do iable; lasting; mnanifest. Alinmnanpr Which so ever: Di malapata n-a-Unli e; unequa.

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Di dapat patawarin-a- Inexcusable. Hotdog band topic Hotdog also known as The Hotdog Band but more commonly known simply as Hotdog is a Filipino band formed by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia magdamaag with silk-voiced beauty, Ella del Rosario as the solo female lead singer changing the culture and charisma of Filipino music history from folkloric to pop in their mega-hit Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko.

Dakong kaliwa To the left gixing.

The accent in Fagabog should never be forgotten as it sometimes changes the meaning of the word as Kayo cloth while Kay6-you. Agpang a Opportune; convenient, right. Bumihiag c-To captivate; kidnap, cap ture, charmi.


She started her career as a singer and eventually tried her luck on movies. He had also asked for his ashes to be scattered in the Pasig River, according to long-time friend, showbiz columnist Ethel Ramos. I wonder why his sleeping pattern stayed almost the same from the date I gave birth gosing him, parang laging night shift.

Dalidalian dalidaliin -r-To liasteti; precipitate; pispose of; alleviate; dispateli. Cruz returned to the music industry with Ihanda v- ‘o prepare; get ready; supply; provide; arrange, adjust. Dumalagang mianok n Pullet Dunialagang-vi-To thin; rarifv.

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After the success of his first major concert inhe sets a second concert called DOS: H ugos ng compana-n Bell-clapper. Dumoong isa gawa-la To complete ones, work. Gilitaur —To cut slice. Hatulan-v-To sentenee; judge; decide; resolve; determinie. Bihagin-v-To capture; spirit; kidnap.

He’s fidgety when left alone, and prefers to be carried all the time. For Kids Only — Jr.