We were very hardworking throughout the workshop, trying our best to be productive. I started work on 1 November After filling in the forms, she interviewed us separately. And no amount of descriptions could replicate the soundscape of living in a remote village and the changing soundscape in the city brought about by urban decay followed by rapid urbanization as experienced by many cities in Myanmar. I find the Historical Materials series a most inspiring achievement and endeavor because it seeks to put into text the lived experiences of ordinary people in an anthological fashion. S English hpe gaw ning hta bai gup la lu ai hku re.

Ngai na prat hta chahkrai ma ginra kaw ap nawng na ngu kalang mi mung nsawn ga yu ai hku re. My friends would not stop texting me. Kayin ginra de kasat ngut jang anhte hpang de bai sha-ang wa na. Subscribe us for the latest Update:. Lahi Naw La kaw gala mung kaw na phone hte kalang ta matut let ngai hpe Karai Kasang gaw Singapore de chyum jawng wa lung na matu shingran jaw ai lam hpe tsun dan ai hku re. Teng ai nteng ai hpe dai ni du hkra kaga mi n sagawn yu ai. Ngai hpe chyinghkai Nu gaw Myitkyina tsirung kaba kaw ning April 9 ya shani hta shangai chyinghkai lai wa ai hku re.

By lateon the basis of these earlier attempts at designing a framework for recording the lives of Kachin people, I was able to reboot the project by integrating existing digital possibilities to create an ambitious large-scale public knowledge base of life stories of the Kachin.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Camera langai lang let htap 2 sanghpaw ntsa e sumla hkan dem nga yang maigan uhpung langai hpe mu ai. Maha meghahksharam pivati, kurute wari madhuram. He was not politically allowed to talk to the Kachin leader and left the country. I always feel happy when I remember their innocent faces.


On top fiom that, YSEALI also helped us to think beyond borders and work hand-in-hand to solve real national and regional problems. He was touched by my words. Shata 6 na ai hpang ning June shata Thailand lamu ga jarit de du shang wa ai shaloi gaw Nahpaw hte Pa Jau Hpyen dap hpe Myen hpyen ni kasat madu zingla kau sai shiga hpe NBKB hte hpung ni na la nu sai.

Although most people in Myanmar spoke Burmese, the speed, tone, accent and intonation of the Burmese spoken in Yangon was very different from the one spoken in my hometown, Man Maw. Hkangma Samuela hte chyum laika hti akyu hpyi ngut ai shaloi Karai Kasang gaw nye a myit masin kata hta vision langai hpe hpaw madun dan ai. Many have families to look after and social commitments to keep to in their jam-packed taralam routine. We were cut off from the outside world and could not tell anyone about the ongoing civil war in Myanmar.

The Bible, news prints, magazines, textbooks and academic works would be written in Jinghpaw for dissemination in Myanmar.

Moving image, or video, is another modality where kachinlifestories is conglomerated. When we reached the hotel, the officers kept asking my mother and the others what I said to the foreigners. A IR jan mau hpe ning hta gup la lu ai hku re. Tau nna matut da ai the maren Mr. In shorrt, in many instances, we have heard them tell these stories before.

With my already mapped picture of Kailash, I jumped with joy to visit this sacred space, sometime in my lifetime and left at it. It was the first time I learnt how to cook rice in a rice cooker.

One day, in earlyI heard about Kailash once again. I was flying with Jesus in my dream!

He had to deal with fresh seafood which gave off a strong odor; fry and grill various kinds of food; cook pasta; and prepare a variety of sauces. Everyday, we have active contributors on Instagram, Facebook and other gaaralam media platforms.


Meeting with tourists from West Germany in China. The Student Christian Movement first introduced the concept of ecumenism to me.

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He believes that if every Kachin told their story on kachinlifestories, these stories could be pieced together to show the world who the Kachin people really are.

Dai majaw galoi mung sara, sarama ni a tsawra shagrau ai lam hpe hkam la lu wa ai hku re. The editorial process of putting together the first three volumes fil out to be most challenging. And no amount of descriptions could replicate the soundscape of living in a remote village and the changing soundscape in the city brought about by urban decay followed by rapid urbanization as experienced by many cities in Myanmar.

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Even when they understood the significance of the kachinlifestories hashtag, they were not able to contribute actively. God be with you and your family!

I must admit that I had the best time of my life in Kuala Lumpur, meeting President Obama, building new connections, and above all, getting started on a hands-on project. Thatha — a major influence in my life is no more and I have a lot to say. A few months later, the signboard was no longer there.