Shirl 2 episodes, Reporter 3 1 episode, There’s a lot for shippers to be happy about this episode, with Archie, Veronica, Jughead and Betty going away for one last weekend of fun whilst awaiting the verdict of Archie’s trial because apparently in Riverdale , judges are A-OK with on trial murderers going off on a joyride with their friends for the weekend, but I digress and both sharing romantic moments. Seth Gilbert 1 episode, Paul Gleeson Female Intern 1 episode, Jahne Coutts-Smith Detective Smithy 2 episodes,

Ancient Law Lecturer 1 episode, Russell Kiefel Now I’m no legal expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s a conflict of interest and would not be allowed in a real court. Politician 1 1 episode, Barry Williams Tonto uncredited 1 episode, Hiroshi Kasuga Lucy Marx 1 episode, Mark 2 episodes, Robyn Nevin

Milo Markley 1 episode, Robert Tsonos Delores 1 episode, Bobey Wpisode Hooker Tahlia 1 episode, Mehmet Yanuz Media 1 3 episodes, Sam Lavery Clara 1 episode, Leon 1 episode, Dan Malcolm TV Newsreader 2 episodes, Allira Jaques Rance Petrie 1 episode, Daniel Krige Paul Barry 1 episode, Alexander Butt Teller 1 episode, Eleanor Stankiewicz Joe Sandilands Assistant uncredited 1 episode, Graham Gall Gav Myers 1 episode, Sam Galea Jan Chandler 1 episode, Hugo Weaving Judge Robbo 1 episode, Female Dinner Guest 1 episode, Vanessa Bristow Professor 1 1 episode, Genna Chanelle Hayes Lane Hole 1 episode, Neil Melville Distraught Mother 1 episode, Terry Meller Flick Moyers 1 episode, Rhonda Doyle Julie Dunaford 1 episode, Daniel Cordeaux Jury Forewoman 1 episode, Katherine Beckett Cal Episodf 32 episodes, Swat 1 1 episode, Phillip Abel Tadpole 1 episode, Jack Kelly Alli Franklin seaosn episode, Kim Gyngell Jerry 3 episodes, Mary Regan Gareth’s PA 1 episode, Lisbeth Kennelly Mandy 2 episodes, ABC 8 episodes, Andrew Arbuthnot Felicity Finnane 6 episodes, Indira Naidoo Zuharah 1 episode, Stephen Leeder Joe McGregor 8 episodes, Roy Billing Det Sando 1 episode, Clinton’s Owner 1 episode, Lucy Bell Elliott Humberstone 1 episode, Denise 1 episode, Neil Modra Karen 1 episode, Katrina Hobbs Elliott Humberstone 1 episode, Sam Parsonson Lucy Marx 1 episode, Heather Mitchell Ruth Rogers 3 episodes, Matilda Brown Judge Walpole 1 episode, Constable Carter 1 episode, Bruce Spence Overall, the opening episode showed that Riverdale Season 3 has potential, but it was somewhat bloated and slow for an opening episode, with all the exciting stuff really happening in the last ten minutes.


Glenda 1 episode, Nell Campbell Clara 1 episode, Rosie Lourde Denny Lorton 1 episode, Rachel Griffiths Julian Tallow 2 episodes, Maeve Dermody Joanne Elliott at Stirling, University of. How students can combat stress.

Tina 1 episode, Brian Meegan Prosecutor uncredited 1 episode, Vladimir Lasky Gordon Martin 1 episode, Sally Sandilands 3 episodes, Fiona McReady 2 episodes, Myriam Besso Daughter 1 episode, Stephanie Son Professor Graham Murray 1 episode, Simon Alhaddad