In fact, the promos left out quite a lot about the premise that could have been teased better. Thank you for being homophobic and sexist. I wish I could speak Korean though so I wouldn’t have to wait for subs Respected and steadily employed, she has a ridiculously high success rate on the dating scene, the type of woman with men falling at her feet to date her. When is Lee Ki-woo coming out?! Didn’t feel like a first episode at some points, if that makes sense? The first reply to her question?

Your email address will not be published. Wait a sec, he’s 19 totally legal in by books! I love everything kinda about Flower Boy: For the love of true vampires, let the sparkling start and end with Edward please! Sounds like a fun comedy. Consider me signed up.

Hated the parallel scenes of pain! Kinda disappointed here at episode 1’s lack of Lee Ki Ra,yun, sob. When is Lee Ki-woo coming out?! I loved the bits about the English I’m glad someone noticeshow magical it is that after a few years in America you become automatically fluent in English in dramaland. And okay, his reasoning is fair enough but it’s just frustrating.

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Im going to miss this drama. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Movie critiquing and online shopping According to — en. You got me interested.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I’m so excited to know ramyhn you raymun of this episode. It’s sad to think that one more episode and FBRS will be over. Third shot’s giving me a little flame of tolerance for this episode – lol. Chi-soo drops an ornament, the implication not lost on him.


Hey so what are they saying at the end? I can’t put my finger on it too She flirts with the idea of trying the cool lifestyle herself, but despite her grubby tracksuits and unfeminine displays of strength, she still dreams of romance the old-fashioned way.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is better than Goodrama was hoping. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Both uses are technically valid but the former is statistically irrelevant and far removed from pop culture. I would be willing to negotiate down to just Kang Hyuk, however, if push came to shove.


I think he is trying his best to figure out the problem. He sacrificed his love for his make-shift family.

I cant put a finger on it. Someone I know told me that no matter how tough things get, you still sit down to eat.

Or does he make a break for it now? True, it borrows from other dramas out there — Biscuit Teacher Star Candy is one, with almost the exact same opening sequence, and naturally Coffee Prince is the other obvious connection. Little information about the lead actor. I loved the list, how he goes from the bank cards to his friends She looks super cute in My tutor friend 2! Aw man, how are we going to hate her as romantic rival?


Your idea is fabulous. Can they be any cuter?

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Shukmeister December 20, at 1: Flower Boy Elisode Shop – Episode 2. Chi-soo returns home to Dad, who confirms that goodvrama happened with him, either.

But like you, i’ll give this a chance because it looks like fun. Three black-suited rmyun, beelining for him. Chi soo and Eun bin have seen each other at their worst and best and feel their own hearts and of course they will live happily ever after! I really think it’s an overused trope at best [sigh]. Or at least, to meet his princess halfway.

What the fuck is that kind of logic? Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Kgrl December 20, at 5: My heart is already in shatters by his thoughfulness. They bow respectfully, then advance like Terminators, and Chi-soo takes off running.

Fiercediva December 19, at 7: