The semen passes through four states called prathamiinanda or simply iinanda , paramiinanda, viJ: Joaquin Phoenix , Jeremy Suarez. Lj, Lz, L4; saravisater: This is called ‘ concentration ‘ []. J mahiibadhisattvasrivajragarbhapiidaiT ukta1;J1 tadyathii”. G I dhiimao; dhiimao: Therefore, contemplation is the pure idea: G I the sentence tathabhiitaguror.

L], L3 II 17 sahajabhuvi sukharp: The joining of the elements to each other and even the succession of time kiila is descrilled as the combination and play of purely sonorous elements. G II 11 cf. NS v, ] ed. Alec Baldwin , Donald Sutherland. These 25 stanzas are drawlJ from the introduction of the VP where they appear in a different order V3 chap. While glossing SU 26, he strictly follows Niiropa’s commentary and makes only a few changes.

G II 10 sarpsare; sarpsarpsare: In particular, the text comprehended between fol.

To do so, the mind must be subtle. Lj, L3, G; kamanandal 1: The joining of the elements to each other and even the succession of time kiila is descrilled as the combination and play of purely sonorous elements. This subject will not be examined in depth heres. L1, L3, T ‘dir ; api: The words ‘aITest-vajra’ mean the path of the avadhuti [ G II 13 janmanlhaiva; janmanlheva: In order to explain the nature of this visionwhich lacks conceptual construction jama cannot be understood as ffilm concepta simile is given in the SU vv.


G I sakarao; sakarao: V2, T de ni de kho na nyid kyi rnal ‘byor gyis ; tattvayogad: Soon after the retention the capJiili bums. In this way the representation of the inner channels reflects a universal vision of microcosmic existence that is symmetrical with the outer macrocosm “.

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In some Buddhist texts the same concept of samanyaseva and uttamaseva is expressed through another pair of terms: There are a few COlTections in the margins. Examination is the idea: D pratyiihara, dhyanapriipiiyiima, dhiirapii, asanasamiidhi Kirapagama, Yogapiida, I, 3.

As soon as he received this teachinghe entered into samadhi and the 94 According to J. V3 II 4 cintao: At the beginning of this century a photographic copy of the MS examined by Francke was made by H.

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The Return of the King Trailer Cu: In the first case, we should have an iilyiigiti metre only in the first half of the verse II 4 tadvakyiin: T dang ‘dzin paSUT; dharal at: The insistence vicfira;;Jasthitl of this idea is analysis. V3, T brtags pa’i bdag nyid ; kalpanam ekaJTI: Thus, ‘having meditated on’, that is, having directly experienced his own radiance, [the yogin ‘should diffuse’ [his mind ‘according to the aspect’ tilm reached ‘through recollection ‘; in other words, through the appearance of the mirageetc.

G II 17 grahaJ. The principal differences are in the explanation of the first two factors and the last one.


A Haunted House Trailer Cu: Maja ex alio usus seculldarii. T yongs su btang ste II 25 margaratnarp guptarp: It is at this point that one experiences the initial moment of immutable bliss and that the material components of the body and the various active energies begin to be exhausted.

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G II 13 anantaroktalJ1: Stanza 19 is also quoted in the AKU ed. He has never hesitated to help me with my research and flm offer me his time and his knowledge that extends into many fields. Blue Annals3: V2, SUr; deest in T I jiianavaktram: As regards the critical edition of this text and its commentary I have adopted the following criteria.

In the following transcription and translation, the order of the stanzas is in accordance with the Tibetan translation. G f I 21 after alpiisviidatviid a dalJ.

The MS is numbered in the right margin of the verso. T zhes pa bya ba la II 17 bodhicittasya: G; gate daivate siddhakaye: Scooby-Doo Trailer Cu: