The ones in question are called Indochinites, in an allusion to the region where they abound the most. Apparently, even if the area offers everything that is needed by a family in walking distance, one is isolated due to constructions, buildings, distance, and the area layout and is constantly forced to rely on the car for every little need. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja melalui UU no. The crust then cracked open in the weak spots, engendering further volcanic eruptions, and further earthquakes and tsunamis which fedback positively the process, furthering it to completion. Krakatoa caused a giant tsunami, which ravaged the lowlands of Atlantis and Lemuria. The New York Times. So, we able to conclude that Atlantis can legitimately be localized either in the ocean we presently call by that name, or, even more likely, in the ocean where the ancients placed their legends and their navigations, the Indian Ocean.

Ada kemungkinan kanalisasi itu bekas penyaluran semburan lumpur panas dari masa yang lampau. When the Ice Age ends, the process is reverted. Satu-satunya kesimpulan tepat yang dapat diperoleh adalah benar ada sebuah daratan yang karam di dasar laut Atlantik. Kisah Benua Yang Hilang. Critias adalah murid dari ahli filsafat Socrates , tiga kali ia menekankan keberadaan Atlantis dalam dialog. What the world presents us daily is an endless series of ever larger cataclysms, ranging from atom smashing to the Big Bang.

Both shades are originally from Eden Lemuriathe primordial Paradise where humanity originally arose. Rather than scientists, these authors are journalists, whose specialty is precisely rendering palatable to the public what are usually government lies and propaganda.

Teori Plato menerangkan bahwa Atlantis merupakan benua yang hilang akibat letusan gunung berapi yang secara bersamaan meletus. Increased temperature of the earth tends to liberate the CO2 carbonic gas dissolved in sea water to the atmosphere, since its solubility decreases with temperature.

Atlas, the one which caused the foundering of the Lost Continent. Mulai dari tsunami di Aceh hingga yang mutakhir semburan lumpur panas di Jawa Timur.


Ilmuwan Brazil itu berargumentasi, bahwa pada saat terjadinya letusan berbagai gunung berapi itu, menyebabkan lapisan es mencair dan mengalir ke samudera sehingga luasnya bertambah. Meru is also the Holy Mountain of Paradise, endlessly portrayed in India during its explosion, in beautiful mandalas such as the Shri Yantra. The second Atlantis, India, is our Great Father. He is the god that is castrated and dies but who resurrects from among the dead, whole and virile as ever.

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Setelah dilanda gempa dahsyat,tenggelamlah ia ke dasar laut atlwntis peradabannya, juga hilang dalam ingatan orang-orang. Sistem terasisasi sawah yang khas Indonesia, menurutnya, ialah bentuk yang diadopsi oleh Candi Borobudur, Piramida di Mesir, dan bangunan kuno Aztec di Meksiko. These portions are filmed in different suburban areas of North America, including Oakville, Ontario. As dokumennter see, the world works as a kind of flip-flop or swing, forever oscillating between the extremes of cold and heat.

Beberapa penyelam dalam perjalanan kembali ke kepulauan Bimini, tiba-tiba ada yang menjerit kaget. The ones in question are called Indochinites, in an allusion to the region where they abound the most.

Moreover, as an orthodox Jew, Velikovsky also believed the dates and events of the Bible — ridiculously small by geological standards — to be actual facts which should be implicitly believed by all. Retrieved from ” https: According to them, even the gods eventually die, and are replaced by better, more evolved godly forms. These legends disguise real facts under the veil of allegories, and personify or deify the nations in question under the figures of heroes such as Noah, Manu, Hercules, Kukulkan, Abraham, Quetzalcoatl, and a myriad others, or in heroines like Venus, Demeter, Dana, Danu, Vesta, Hathor, Isis, Hecate and so on.

However, whether one is indeed caused depends on other conditions, probably dictated by insolation and other variables, astronomical or not.

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These inventions are so clever and so advanced that they seem as natural as the air we breath and the tentangg we worship. Some came on foot, in huge hordes like those of the Israelite exodus. If conditions are right, as they were then, dokumente downfalling water is retained in glaciers that end up covering the temperate regions with a shroud of ice that is one or two miles thick. Pendapat itu kemudian ditentang oleh ahli-ahli di kemudian hari seperti Copernicus, Galilei-Galileo, Einstein, dan Stephen Hawking.


Solon adalah yang paling bijaksana di antara 7 mahabijak Yunani kuno, suatu kali ketika Solon berkeliling Mesir, dari tempat pemujaan makam leluhur mengetahui legenda Atlantis.

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Their sin with the Daughters of Men — and, more probably, the rejection and enslavement of their hybrid offspring — led to the Flood. In fact, God is neither the vajra nor the volcano, but the force behind it, its impeller and wielder.

The crucial events are disguised inside the Hindu and Buddhic religious traditions, or told as charming sagas like those of the Ramayana and the Mahaharata. Osiris, the Egyptian god, also played the role of Cosmic Pillar Djeda role he shared with Seth, his twin and dual. The worldwide mass extinctions of the end of the Quaternary the Pleistocene Ice Age attest, most unequivocally, that the brutality of the cataclysm was truly Velikovskian in extent, if not in nature.

The result was that the glaciers were floated by these invading waters and carried back to the ocean, when these waters returned to it. This pumice was ejected by the giant explosion of volcanic Mt.