Alvira volunteered to look after Amante for the night because they also have a lot of things to talk to. Clara’s surgical operation was successful and thanks to Gary who donated his blood for her. Gary will not stop until he can let Lupe give him the ransom money from the Del Valle family. Desperate to save both Mara and Clara, Amante appeared to the media and wants to give a ransom money to those who can point who has their children. Mara Clara Episode 22 synopsis Mara’s father with Clara’s father as one team, together they enjoyed camping for school requirement as father – daugther tandem. With Clara’s envy to Mara as she will do everything just to destroy her, a lot of good people are still willing to help her.

Knowing that they must do something for them to escape, Mara and Clara is helping each other to have a plan. Going back with Clara, she is so disturbed with her grandmother – Lupe David Gina Pareno being so noisy. Susan then tells both Amante and Alvira that Clara is not crazy and all she needs is a great discipline. Mara can not believe that it was Christian who have saved her life from that incident. Alvira can not forget Mara’s presence in their house. At breakfast, the Gonzales family with Susan and Mara are eating together and Carlotta suddenly arrived. Mara have told Clara on how desperate she is just to get Alvira’s attention. Because of her talk to Mr.

Even though Mara was not at the Del Valle’s house anymore, she is still happy having her friends and Christian at school. But Gary insulted Amante for he knew that Amante is still akkibat enemy.

Boneka Kakek Tua Bioskop Indonesia: Then now, Alvira was so worried on where is Mara and called Clara to ask. Lupe who is having speculations to Gary followed him around.

Without hesitations, Alvira then edritaku yes to Gary and admitted that she loves Gary. With this, how will Clara make a move t ruin both Mara and Christian’s relationship? Mara then asks Clara on why she is telling them to stop the case against her father – Gary. Alvira explained to Clara that she can not bring her to Dubai because Clara has her own family here. Gary is challenging both Alvira and Amante to come and see them so that they can have a grand reunion.


As for Clara David Julia Montesshe went out with her friends since Clara is also bored thinking about problems. Clara then saw Fil and Mara together then finally Mara and Christian are officially havin a relationship. Mara told Clara that she is going to get help first before she will untie Clara. Mara and her mother Susan is leaving Clara’s family but Amante refuses to.

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So at school, everything between Mara and Clara also changes. Clara and Mara both happen to go to the same school. Clara mulai benci Mara dan dia sentiasa mencari peluang untuk menyeksa Mara hingga membuat hidupnya merana. And after Amante’s business is facing a big problem now, Amante apologised to Mara but Mara understands the situation. Amante wants Alvira to get rid of Gary since he is Amante’s worst enemy.

Clara is so mad at Alvira because she is not going to take her with them migrating in Dubai. Amante,still in prison can’t do anything about it and so he asks Alvira Del Valle’s Dimples Romana help.

Mara Del Valle Kathryn Bernardo then finally escaped from the kidnappers. Gigi tells Susan and Mara to go out because is Minda coming back already. With the new things they are facing right now, Clara is not coping up with her wealthy life before.

Clara then hurriedly grab her purse and Susan asked her to where she will be going. Amante is not convinced that Gary is already dead until he can see Gary’s dead body. Clara then insulted them both after accusing her as the reason behind the chaos.

Mara is so thankful to Christian because he have risked his life in protecting Mara during the stampede. Clara then tells Gary that Lupe kept pointing outside and is trying to tell her something in which she could not understand.

Susan tells Alvira that even before, she knew that her husband – Gary David Jhong Hilario is not loving her. Amante must protect alvira from Gary because he knows what are the things that Gary can do toward his wife – Alvira.

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Mara got on Gary’s way and Gary then hurriedly hand cuffed Mara in the comfort room. At the police station, a lady asks a police officer to help her find he daughter. Alvira was so mad at Susan’s insult and slap her in the face. Alvira then speculates Clara in protecting her father’s crime. Ranjanf Desiree checked on her things, she saw Clara’s clothes in her bag and so she went to Clara’s house to return her clothes. Amante then have told Alvira that he knew from the very rabjang that Alvira is just pretending to love Ceritaku for her to find out some evidence.


Susan and Mara went somewhere outside town to start a new life there without danger. Mara, who misses her grandmother – Lupe so much went to see her.

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Mayor Nathaniel then tells Susan not to worry on their expenses at the hospital because he will be the one to pay for it. But Susan is not going to leave Clara because Susan wants to be the one to discipline her. Alvira did not let Amante see Mara first since they have to talk about something. Lupe then tells Susan that it is much better that Gary will not be the father of Susan’s baby anymore because she feared that Gary is going to hurt Susan again.

With Derrick’s new problem, Carlotta Gonzales is so mad at him. But this left confusions on the Del Valle family on why their blood did not match with Clara rather it was Gary’s blood that saves her.

Susan David Mylene Dizon saw Lupe who is very stressed. Because they were having a long exam, Clara asked someone to get the answer key of that exam and put it at Mara’s table.

Gary then called Clara to ask why she is not yet home and Clara hurriedly give her allibis. So Clara took Mara’s project and put it on a room or a stock room. So they have decided to give them another exam to test if they really are not cheating.

Susan can not forget how good Mara is as her daughter.