Twelve months later every adventure games fan in the country is beginning to wonder when they can get their hands on it. Mediterranean Europe is divided into grid squares. Although its main f unchon is? Ivi tam uzunlukta porno filmler. Several levels of diSTy and a two-player game with a handicap option make Sum Vaders equally testing for all fam ily mem bers, from 8 years to adult. How much do they cost? Full cbro’ur graphics with sound. Atari’s TX-1 offers a greater chal- lenge than any other racing game currently m the arcades The further you get nto the game, the more circuits you get to drive on Ultimately, you could he roaring around race tracks like Monaco.

Estimate 75 personnel unaccounted for Repair and me dt- crews alerted: Also, can the Commodore 64 produce quality speech Synthesis entirely from software control, such as S. S Musty 5 50 PjiSpy 5. Type while the! The game is set on not one. Although not written in technospeak, there are a couple of advanced sections, but you i don’t have to read them. For ages 4 to 8 years.

Apart from that all votdll want is a pen n the coupon for more information ell have you linked- up in no time.

You could win a trip to Los Angeles! Tel — i i w; h 84 j Tc Ram Etectrartes.

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A shame really because, when you make allowances for the crude graphics, it’s not really a bad little game. Selected Sinclair software kame, are available from W. Top 30 games or re- Only a few provide quality and innovation at sensible prices, although many shout a out. The hardware programmed design works with all possible key-reading methods, both Kaeml ASIC and Machine Code, Eight directional movement, with nr with- out the fire button being pressed, can be achieved by only programming the left, nghi.

Sorry to be 9inw3 secretive, but the Bugs are listening! The game isn’t terribly ex- citing. An exciting new game full of surprises. The most notable is Laser Grand Prix. Once the screen layout is complete, you choose the colour of the player and where he will start from.


Plus, lor most of you, a local telephone call whenever vou want to connect up.

Big K plays it different and says it different. Bill’s progress is hampered by a convoy of dinosaurs thunder- ing past his cave. When you’ve finished entering your Basic program and type RUN, the inter- preter takes over and translates the ka,el line of your Basic program into lots of separate, short machine code instruc- tions which can then be run by the CPU chip. You’ll get a bonus fighter each time you score 10, points and one or two players can join the fight against the big metal chap.

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O for 50p refundable on first order! Several languages are available eg.

9inw3 Can you hefp him survive? The aim of the game is to win the most boxes whilst skillfully minimising the number of boxes given away to the computer.

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This game deserves to do well, if you want a plain and simple space shoot-em-up for ,amel Spectrum, you wont find anything better than Ad Astra. Second, the fueF supply runs out far loo quickly and you dilch into the sea all too often without noticing that your 30 seconds of fuel have disappeared which interrupts the action somewhat. Next time you use LEN in a Basic program, think how much work the interpreter is saving. Author David Shea An enchanting game based around episodes of Raymond Boggs’ amazingly successful book.

The program comes on cassette, with a tape version on one side and a disk version on the other. Kaamel content with qiyino the until they master a game, adults will not invest more than two or three plays to understand it 1″he controls have been kept fairly simple, therefore, but the game does combine a challenge in ref lex and hand-eye co ordin- ation.


Extended Basic, add ons, etc, needed to run it: Nowadays in Britain, microcomputer versions of old arcade games do not sell 9ina33 that well because there are so many different versions available. It’s the nearest you’ll get to the reaf thing, short ol getting into a proper carl The sound Is amazing — especially when you go through the tunnels — and you get vibrations through the back of the seat which is a sensation you get when driving a real FI car. Each player has his own cas- sette which loads his character- istics into the computer.

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Line 1 0 is used to read 62 pieces of data, but line suffered from the printers’ guillo- tine and lost a few of the numbers. Another twist which is not quite so easily dealt with is the nasty Neutron Mass which rolls along at ground level guided by a small red fireball. Tapper is based on America’s most famous beer — Budwetser — which is drunk in vast quan- tities by all the patrons of the bat barman one bar to look after, the manufacturers in their wisdom have given the poor man four bars to tend.