We Need Your Support. Directed to their mailbox but it was full 4. You can’t tell by just comparing the price. Dudley Cinema teluk intan showtime East Ayrshire nayak mp4 mobile movie download Barnsley. My breakfast… while waiting everybody to come… mbo kuching makeover wheretogo movie. Just beware of one condition that sometimes appear in the blockbuster premier movie “The blockbuster movie for xxxxxxxxxx , all discount card, free ticket voucher, complimentary pass is not allowed”. Price is still bloody expensive though.

Can’t do online purchase. Cant find much info in google as well. RM18 is way too much. The purple-ish seats are those up for reservation. Last time it was a better shopping place with family This post has been edited by shark7: Never heard of the movieholic card before. Haha That is hall 11 and 12 of tgv sunway pyramid. So yeah you just choose whatever you want from the menu and it will be delivered to you.

Heard that other old cinema will undergo renovation.

P Haha i should try festiival Everyone should give it a try. Kindly be informed that we will be extending the preffered zone for citibank customers from next Monday ya. Called hotline never answer call 3. Creating the lifestyle experience in cinema with MBO.

Cinema.com.my brem mall

The seating also sux to the max, the lower seat backrest very low, didnt even reach my shoulder, while the back seat its so high that it’ll bend my neck. All materials on our website are shared by users. Quite reasonable I think. Valid for 3 months from date of issue.


Feel like own all the cinema and can watch it comfortably. Totally agree with this.

: Showtimes – MBO, Setapak Central, Setapak

Jan 4 Mar 16 Dec 29 GSC is so much more better!! Kopitiam Official Astronaut Group: This post has been edited by lilylim FU obviously u never book movie recently or in lsat 2 year GSC is RM 1 also cmon dont be tin kosong make loudest noise.

Tgv is a rubbish cinema nowadays. Wonder when GSC will follow. Dec 30 Their IMAX is definitely an advantage.

The Golden Knight Group: Cant find much info in google as well. Ya, wangsa walk is better compare to KLCC.

Sometime i prefer Lotus 5 Star in Vinema Kinta instead. Mar 20 Thank you so much MBO for making it happen! May 28 Show posts by this member only Post 2. Show posts by this member only Post 6. A photo posted by Khairool Adzelan khairooladzelan on Jan 29, at 7: The data analyzed according to search term Mbo Curve Showtime have been reasonably classified and cineka will provide the latest keyword trend based on market change per week.


I had my terrible experience with TGV where there’s one cinema forgot the cinema room numberthe seats really “condong” one.


Rm12 for 1 small but dam worth feetival. Dudley Cinema teluk intan showtime East Ayrshire nayak mp4 mobile movie download Barnsley. Owh I almost forgot! Happened to me once. Nov 13 May 31 Cinemw you guys go to the cinema if the ticket price is as high as those in US or UK? Added on August 5,4: The guy gave me a “???

A Tin for Your Thoughts? Their online system is really lousy: Premier Hall number 5! Because I seldom buy tickets from TGV via online. Nov 14 Anyone tried it out?

They take such a long time to update the showtimes and everytime I had to chant prayers to make sure my transaction is successful. MBO is really cold. Nov 6 ,