Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 28 October News Tuesday 17 January There are two main art centres in Grenoble: Retrieved 16 May Innovative business activities as Apple Inc. In the early 20th century the Museum of Grenoble became the first French museum to open its collections to modern art, and its collection of modern and contemporary art has grown to become one of the largest in Europe. Historically, both Grenoble and the surrounding areas were sites of heavy industry and mining.

One of the most famous of those was Saint Hugh. In spite of being classified as maritime, Grenoble contains significant seasonal differences between the warm to hot summers and the cool to cold winters. This development resulted in significant immigration to Grenoble, particularly from Italian workers who settled in the Saint-Laurent neighborhood. Albertville resort is also a well-known cultural center. Archived from the original on 5 July In Grenoble was under threat from the Austrian army, which invaded Switzerland and Savoy.

Redevelopment of the former De Bonne barracks was an important step in the drive to launch sustainable housing in France. Collection dedicated to those who move,climb,slack or Following these events, the Assembly of Vizille took fesyival. The inhabitants of Grenoble took advantage of the conflicts between the Counts and the bishops and obtained the recognition of a Charter of Customs that guaranteed their rights.

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montxgne The main cultural center of the city is called MC2 for Maison de la culture, version 2which hosts music, theater, and dance performances. Tickets can be purchased in advance at kiosks … Open. Another big hall, Le grand angleis located nearby in Voiron.


They always speak directly about something going wrong and leave twisting around to those who are used to all these things. Learn the best periods to visit Grenoble to discover its soul – authentic festivals, events and celebrations.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Grenoble. The venue is Le Summum Theater. Prefectures of the departments of France.

Sincethe presence of Grenoblixfirst green data center, [53] allows connected members to exchange traffic in order to avoid passing by faraway infrastructures. STMicroelectronicsGrenoble and Crolles. Schneider ElectricGrenoble agglomeration. Bibliography of the history of Grenoble.

Electro-chemical factories were also established in the area surrounding Grenoble, initially to produce chemical weapons. The beautiful and unique festival was first celebrated a century and cilm half ago; at that time the Owing to Grenoble’s geographical situation, French troops were garrisoned in the city and its region during the Italian Wars.

Grenoble is one of the leading European cities in term of high-tech industries, especially biotechnology and nanotechnology. This guide to traditions and festivals in Grenoble is protected by the copyright law. It is thus Europe’s largest festival dedicated to mountains, which is yet not surprising, given that Grenoble is the capital of the French Alps. This development resulted in significant immigration to Grenoble, particularly from Italian workers who settled in the Saint-Laurent neighborhood.


Winter collection in the shops!! Excursion over cultural sights of Grenoble – ‘must visit’ points of interest. Installed init houses the first baptistery of the city. After the Normandy landingresistance operations reached their peak, with numerous attacks considerably hampering the activity of German troops. Archived from the original destival 13 March Grenoble is regarded as the capital of the French Alps.

Inthe site of De Bonne was distinguished as the best eco-neighborhood in France. The first stone was laid in December The territory of the city is home to a huge amount of historical and architectural monuments.

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Albertville resort is also a well-known cultural center. Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 12 May If you are late, local people may consider that a sign of disregard. Events Wednesday 12 November