Han Gyu Supporting Cast. And as Gun bends down to put his words in writing, he asks Grandma if he did a good job. Refreshing romcom drama, after a sea of thrillers. Speaking of “tanned and dirty” Jang Hyuk, did any else catch the hilarious nod to Chuno during that scene when Gun whips out his jacket and try to “stop” the dog from attacking them? Why do I get the feeling that the reality will be vastly different than his imagination? I thought I’ve seen him doing that ‘dunk-your-head-into-water-then-pull-it-out-awesomely’ Where was it? Episode 12 by LollyPip.

When my adopted cousin moved to the Netherlands, you better believe my aunt was on the phone with him constantly. They are really firing it and it has only been one ep in! Unfortunately for them, the two find themselves at a dead-end, putting them face to face with the dog. I loved how in the scene between Gun and Mi-Young, Gun’s hair seemed to fly upwards more and more as he got angrier. He then bids a boisterous goodbye like a little boy to his grandmother. Choi Woo Shik Main Cast. Did anyone else get major Sandlot vibes when the dog escaped?

Faed usually don’t compare tv dramas to the graphic novel versions too much though because some things just don’t translate. These changes were a welcome surprise and helped update the drama to make it feel fresh.

Park Jin Woo Supporting Cast. Then Gun declares his future marriage plans: Na Young Hee Supporting Cast.

Fated to Love You

I youu Jang Hyuk is a bit ott too He may be arrogant but they gave him some quirkiness seems out of place but makes him interesting and a fun watch. As Gun practices his proposal to Se-ra outside, Mi-young rushes forward to save a toddler from wandering into danger. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Had me rolling on the floor helpless with laughter!

I’m still reserving judgement on Se Ra and Jin-Hyuk but I remain hopeful that the next episode will be better. It’s witty, funny and great chemistry.


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That increases the chances that the beautiful and talented Wang Ji Won will end up playing a [spoiler deleted] as Bianca Bai did in the original. Thanks so much for the recap! I don’t even remember how it ended. I think the show itself also kind of corrected me too as and I’m saying this without spoilers Lee Gun in episode 2 seems toned down a bit.


I’m wondering about Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Ji Cun Xi because he seems to be over the top and eccentric.

Gun reminds me a bit of Oska lol and that Chuno reference. I lost it after the yoh abs shampoo commercial I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I picked up on that difference from the recap and was happy, because I really like seeing female friendships in dramas.

Just listening to her never-ending inbox is overwhelming, and Mi-young breaks the fourth wall with the acknowledgement that her name is as ordinary and plain as her looks. I’m sure it will have some tragic elements at some point, but as long as it ends well I’m good. Riya July 4, at 1: The CF part at the start was one of the funniest parts, and I have to admit that for a minute or two I also thought it was one that lpve not edited out.

I love jang hyuk fatd rom-com. This is so winning! Thank you very much Make Up Artist. That actually is Macau, haha. Which then makes an extremely naive and dim heroine like Mi-young a little too dated by modern dramaland standards. So Macau must look a lot like Vegas? On her errand, Mi-young briefly stops to admire diamond rings in a jewelry store window.

Why couldn’t he be a normal nice guy Haha yeah I know who is not a douche or a crazy guy. I wonder if the love scene is gonna be shown like in the original drama. Is there a way to explain how the male lead’s personality was changed from the graphic novel to the twn tv series without spoilers by chance?

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. The continuity and transitions are a little off.

I feel like it’s the norm nowadays for the male lead to be an eccentric weirdo in dramas so it has kinda lost it’s appeal to me. You know what, I feel so dumb now. He barks at Mi-young to retrieve it, and she scrambles to chase it down until it finally dramacgazy up next to a sleeping Rottweiler.


Lee Mi Do Supporting Cast. I hadn’t realized that Macau was the Las Vegas of China! Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Having watched and enjoyed the original Taiwanese version of Fated To Love You, the Korean version is off to a very nice start. So interesting too it suits him.

In the Taiwan version even the female lead’s mother and sisters weren’t very nice to her at first, so I’m yiu to see that loove seems that she will have more supportive relationships in this one. Macau is basically the Vegas of China, so it’s bound to look quite similar. I live ever watch dramas as they air, but this one might actually be the one I’ll follow closest! Glad I’m not the only one who was having flash backs to Running Man, because you are right, he did do a lve faux commercial moment, I think for face wash and thinking of that made this moment even funnier since I felt like he was parodying himself and his old CF’s.

After working the shampoo into his hair, he dunks his head into the water before flipping his hair backwards, showering the camera with soapy water droplets. J July 3, at 3: You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I love the chemistry between the two Jangs. Go for them, the two find themselves at a dead-end, putting them face to face with the dog.

But the restless elders are fed up with hearing those same words year after year, and demand a written guarantee this time. And I like Jang Nara’s bright clothes and cute nerdy glasses.