Just finished watching it again yesterday. We all know how old HxH is. No one has to force themselves to watch The Last Airbender. Is it worth checking out? Everyone praises all of these Netflix Originals, but outside of Stranger Things, it seems like they’re all junk that I could maybe see a focus group testing well with. It’s a Netflix original for crying out loud.

Also, “Netflix Original” can mean “exclusive regional broadcast rights”, not necessarily “created by”. I wouldn’t know because they’re advertising faces instead of showing me what the show is about. And if it helps, I didn’t get the loli thing either. Thats fine, but the voice is a shitty shitty rendition of what it could be if an actual skilled VA tried to come up with something. I get all your points though. Gosh, people it’s really a dick move to do that, you know ther eis first time watchers reading that thread? It got pushed back for some reason. Also interesting to note, the portrayal of Greed is similar if not equivalent in both anime.

I know how terrible it is but I love it anyways. Is this also influenced by The Seven Samurai?

It loses some humour in the translation from French, but it’s still fantastic. Thanks for the edits though: It’s fun reading the comments of newcomers since it was so long ago when it was new to me. Most of those people were joking about the SAO thing, and Kurapikas and Sasuke are definitely similar, tajl Naruto is more popular, it’s not weird to see people draw comparisons.

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It’s also kind of going to be disappointing for viewers who were introduced to this dub if they’re smart enough to tell who’s going to live and die based on how professional their voices sound. I think they have changed their update pattern because it’s still on episode 60 and between episode 59 and 60 is about 2 weeks apart. I only saw the first episode, but everything felt so design by numbers and anime cliche, that I just hated it.


I think he was criticizing the term rip-off since it imply he is just a copy of Sasuke when Kurapika came first. Yeah, absolutely, but only if you’ll watch the subs. Yeah, It’s very easy to feel superior since commenters will frequently make wildly inaccurate assumptions. You must spoiler tag Latest Chapter Spoilers i. I already saw the show once airing, didn’t want to go through it again like that and I swear Toonami kept just reshowing episodes instead of new stuff.

I think it’s comparable because it’s a girl character finding a boy with ancient uncontrollable powers to help save the world.

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Absolutely nothing episkde it really grabbed me – characters weren’t interesting, I didn’t care about the plot I always kinda wondered a little bit if it was one of those things that eventually doesn’t suck. What was up with the bear? Is it worth checking out?

Five or ten years ago I wouldn’t have noticed the fan service, it was just part of the background of anime, yes the super serious show about the aliens about to destroy Earth will involve jokes about the heroine’s big breasts, lots of jiggle animation, and at the climax of the show where she’s sacrificing her life to save the universe of course she will rip her shirt off.

I couldn’t finish the first episode. There is a detailed FAQ, and a fair few bits of info presented before you can even post – so really no excuse. I was hoping for Laura Bailey to reprise her role as the “loud tough-as-nails pigtails girl” since Haberkorn’s involved, but their choice works well for Biscuit.

Just make sure you use the correct regional tag in the title. And I liked both!! Log in or sign up in seconds.

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And I like ass. Where can I watch the taol Seriously, over all I liked the show but I had to force myself to watch pass the third episodes because of all the bullshit anime fan service. I know the reaction is understandable but people really tend to judge things fast and stick with their initial idea.


Many call it a deconstruction of the magic girl genre, and I’d agree. Hover over to read. It might take some time until the current episode becomes available on the list. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Why does that have to be something that makes a fun show questionable? I really wish they had given the princess more character.

Read this for more information. And it’s all played for laughs or just treated like something totally normal and not worth noticing.

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I watched the series then the 3rd film. Add spoiler tags as a courtesy. I haven’t watched zero yet, but it’s on my list now.

Bisky’s voice is different from what I was expecting – the other versions are just so tqil. Sounds so alien to me.

It’s not but it’s still a decent anime, although there are def better ones on Netflix. I’d really like ryuaniime see it. Is it just that you don’t think his voice fits or is it something else?

It sucks, because it’s a perfectly fine anime otherwise, I’m watching and enjoying it, and yet I know the only people I can recommend it to are people who are already into anime, because a non-fan will most likely be so weirded out by all the fan service they won’t bother. No one has to force themselves to watch The Last Airbender. This hero is also the only thing that can stop the threat that poses on the land. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.