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Wish they had a subscription plan without ads though, but they’re generally 30 seconds and occasionally 60 seconds long plus I get a huge portion criterion collection ad-free, so I’m okay with it for now. Add eatchanimeon More Tegamibachi.

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Nov 23, 15, 0 0 battlescreen. Add – More Sukitte Ii na yo. And I do know it’s an issue because I have my resolution set to p because it pisses me off too. Add – More Pita Ten. First Prev 3 of 5 Go to page. Add – More Finder Series. Add – More Coquelicot-zaka kara. Jul 23, 0 0. Elfforkusu – Just like above, please send us that feedback!!!


I had been a drama and anime membership. Add – More Dr.

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Add – More Ueki no Housoku. Its good to know that a fix for the player is in the works epjsode I eagerly await that update. I’m watching Jojo’s and will watch Sword Art Online next. Captured in Her Eyes.

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JoeyJungle Banned Jul 16, Watcanimeon – More Air. Add – More Kamichama Karin. As I mentioned in the prior, more massive thread, we are actively working on playback for PC right now and I’m hoping that we’re able to roll out some of these changes very soon. M3d10n Member Jul 17, The stuttering on PC is a problem though, given that it should be its the primary method of show watching.

Add – More Fullmetal Alchemist. Add – More Rekka no Honoo. And if you want watchanimein drop me an email with more info I’ll see what I can do to help you out.


Add – More Junjou Romantica 3. Add – More Mirai Nikki. If you want a service that’s actually run by incompetent fools allow me to direct you to literally everything else. It’s quite a pain that my region doesn’t get access to some series, but it’s not like going premium would fix that.

Add – More Tokyo Mew Mew. We’ve also recently changed how long content is stored server side to avoid issues like watchnaimeon.