Mia needs Daniel to put a special necklace on Emma, a necklace that weakens her and her powers. Ursula tells Maddie to stop dating Diego because she is a witch and he is a Kanay, but she doesn’t want to listen, so she dates Diego in secrecy. Diego explores his powers, and The Sharks become suspicious. Gigi is already fawning over him, but he seems okay with it. Evil Emma sends Agamemnon to Limbo. Agamemnon and Desdemona show up to prove the chosen powers can be taken away. In the sanctuary, Maddie casts a spell to show where the girls are on the map.

The group makes it onto the land and Mia finds the girls first. The Witches’ Council shows up at Emma’s house and tries to convince Emma not to date Daniel, but she refuses. Emma trips and needs Mia’s help, but Mia enters a train in the video game, inside she whispers and says, “I finally get to defeat the chosen one, your welcome Dad”. Meanwhile, the H20 pull a prank on Francisco, and he believes the T3 committed it. He agrees to come to Miami with them to save his family. Retrieved December 21, Emma’s friends decide that they must stop her for good. A strange, mysterious girl is not frozen, neither is Maddie, who tries to get help, nor Diego, who goes to see what is all the commotion’s about.

Epislde, Jax returns Emma’s powers, and Evil Emma gets sucked through the portal. Jax comforts Emma by making her wish to “cuddle up in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa” come true.

Every Witch Way – S 1 E 18 – Hexoren Squared

The Principal uses Daniel to trick Emma into coming to the empty theater, where she wants to absorb the Chosen One’s Emma’s power, through Diego.

Andi and Mia best each other, leaving Andi tied to the wall in spider webs and Mia stuck to the floor. Emma runs into Diego, Maddie, and the Hex.


Emma says it’s a long story. Retrieved July 8, The group in the hallway see Daniel leave, and Andi, Emma, and Jax come out of the room. Phillip makes an appearance, resulting in a joyful Andi, and an even more confused Daniel.

Just as she convinces him to go back epispde again, he turns and finds another rock with a Kanay marking on it. Christina comes by before they leave to give Daniel Billy the snake.

Emma and Jax are stuck at school evedy, where they make a huge discovery in the principal’s office, Andi and Diego are trapped at the Seven, and Maddie and Daniel are at Daniel’s house.

Later, Andi runs into the bathroom and Francisco comes near the bathroom door, Andi mimic Emma’s voice to try to get Francisco to buy it.

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Liana is finally sucked through a portal and transported to Limbo. Upset that neither of them can undo the spell, Jax comforts her and promises they’ll figure it out in the morning, then cuddling on the couch.

The air boats arrive and Daniel and Christina tell the group that they should wait out the storm there. Emma runs off and Jax runs after her. When Ursula almost discovers the truth, Maddie makes Katie lie to her by agreeing to make her a boyfriend.

Jax is all dry and comes by Andi when he sees Daniel giving Emma some water and gets jealous. Retrieved January 25, When Emma trips and almost falls, she tries to freeze the drink tray, but accidentally freezes time. Jax appears in the game and try to find Emma, Emma sees Jax and hugs him, then Jax tells them both to follow him, but Mia is trying to look for the crystal.


Retrieved January 27, Retrieved July 23, Share this Rating Title: The battle goes under way and Maddie shows up to watch.

Jax sets Gigi free from Desdemona’s spell, and then he and Evil Emma make an alliance with Desdemona to destroy the magic realm. Daniel becomes ill from the spider mark.

When Lily is turned into a monkeyEmma must find a way to turn her back. This wy one-hour season finale. The next day, Diego tells Maddie that he forgives her for forcing him to be her proxy, but she laughs saying how she should be the one forgiving wway for ditching her. Since Daniel’s remembers everything only up until the day he and Emma met, he believes that Maddie is his girlfriend, making Diego upset.

Desdemona and Agamemnon realize they both lost their powers.

Daniel goes to Mia’s house, and Mia throws a fit, then she tries to freeze Daniel. They go with Ursula to the airport to watch Phillip leave, and come back to have a group hug.

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Jax gets Daniel in trouble by casting a spell to make Daniel’s chocolate milk spill all over Mr. Retrieved January 3, Daniel still continues to act strange and Emma and Andi need Jax’s help to see what’s wrong, and they all peek on Daniel. He agrees to everj to Miami with them to save his family.