The first half is quite fast-paced with Varun providing quite a few laughs with his one-liners and comic acts. A scene from Evaraina Epudaina. Venkat has been uncouth to Madhumita’s dad and her grandmother in an accident that injures his Venkat’s and her grandmothers. This movie will definitely appeal to the college crowd while also pulling in the family audiences. But sadly these things are not written well enough to convince the audience. Shankar is no Shekhar Khammula who created a new trend in the Telugu industry through intelligent narration and subtle humour. With a mixture of cunning, deceit, impertinence towards elders, bad diction, and several other qualities that would make him land into Satan’s Hall Of Fame, Venkat sets up various situations to make Madhumita fall in love with him. Evaraina Eppudaina will definitely click with the audiences since it is a good timepass flick that will appeal across diverse audiences.

Mani Sharma’s title number is good. This is followed by the flipping of the heroine for the hero, aided by a sub-plot involving an old age home that she runs. It’s a good way to stop swooning – swooning isn’t healthy. The best part of the film is the high entertainment value it provides. Tell Hyderabad what you feel about Evaraina Epudaina! Be the first to comment on Evaraina Epudaina! See Evaraina Epudaina full details. Varun Sandesh is his jovial best and has acted with ease.

AVM Productions had ventured into the Telugu film production after a long gap, but certainly Evaraina Epudaina does not boast of anything novel to be remembered.

It is the old timer Rama Prabha who steals the show in many sequences. Plus, it gets cacophonous at times, like the scenes in the hospital. The villainous sub-plot seemed forced into the script with Kota Srinivas Rao getting wasted in an ill-sketched role.


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What’s more, he keeps bumping into her folks all over the city. Vimala Raman is a tull face to have around, and she can act, but she looks older than him. Your comments will be accepted once you give your email, and will be deleted if the email is not authenticated within 24 hours. It’s just that the director keeps wanting infinite laughs by showing people getting rudely ripped off.

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Debutant Marthand Shankar who has written the story and screenplay is dependent on commercial ingredients to carry the film through. T he first thing that comes to mind after watching Evaraina Epudainathe Telugu film from AVM productions is, the banner could have waited for a good story line for its re-entry into the Telugu film industry.

Madhu is impressed with Venkat for his sense of humour and helping nature. The opening love sequence involving the heroine’s reflection in multiple pieces of broken glass shows two things – a when a mirror is broken, light reflects only off the heroine, even if there are subitles, bystanders nearby, and b Srihari’s fights have better scientific accuracy.

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His background score gels well with the tempo of the film. Venkat falls in love with Madhu and tries to convey his feelings. This is followed by the flipping of the heroine for the hero, aided by a sub-plot involving an old age home that she runs. Though Marthand Shankar has got the support of a very good technical team including his brother Marthad Venkatesh who has done superb editing job, the film suffers mainly because of its dull presentation in the second half.


Vimala Raman shows her class with a dignified performance. The film carries some very good visuals with the songs shot in foreign locations. The songs are pleasant and well-paced across the film while the fight scenes are kept at a minimum.

Not screening currently in any theatres in Hyderabad. Comedy artists Ali, Venu Madhav bring in a few laughs, particularly the take off from the Athadu scene. A scene from Evaraina Epudaina. The first half is quite fast-paced with Varun providing quite a few laughs with his one-liners and comic acts. A big banner production does take care of the packaging. The rest of the performances aren’t too great, save for Giribabu and the cameos by a couple of Tollywood’s favourite comedians.

And of subtigles, she falls for him. This page was tagged for. Being the nimrods that they are, Madhumita’s family members think he’s the best thing that happened to the world since penicillin. In an unjustified plot ending, he’s even given a fight to show his ‘hero’ abilities. Mani Sharma’s title number is good. The comedy is clean without resorting to double meaning dialogues.