If it wants to make an argument that ethnic polarization is bad anywhere in the world, why does it feed the fire? PR will go a long way to assuring them that a democratic free election based era will guarantee a place for them. Abraham Teckle was firing Kalashinkoff standing like everybody else when he got shot. Our second battle that followed was at a place called MaEloba, and our third battle at Gergeff. A free convention of democratically delegated politicians and statesmen. Is the minimum age 18? The similarities were very fine and subtle but they were sued and I believe they lost it. Hi Solomonom, 1 What is this question of General Tso if it is not a tune to an alien drum Amde was mentioning?

Not necessarily such things presuppose actions but even at the oral level. The first Ethiopian conference was held under the tight guard of Eritrean commando brigade. See what you get when u tag me to give my two nakfas? Another challenge is the awareness of producers in what kind of work they should invest their funds. Do not close your mind. It is good because there no armed rabbles who can claim the ownership of the change and play it to their advantage.

He also added that he has an earnest belief that Eritrean film would reach an elevated stage one day as the government has created auspicious ground for filmmakers.

I see the gang is all here now. BTW, my comments are supposed to be innocent teasing. Therefore, responsible citizens negotiate in order to strike a balance between the tendency to be free up to secession and the need of collective security, and the benefits that come from a mobie a bigger family. In surprise someone remarked: You want to worry ,ok great you have enough egges to save ,just see or visit some Amhara and Oromo rooms or websites.

All three were gone for a while, but I had sadly given up on Haile TG up to that day.


For them, it was like the rebirth of DIA. No other language group holds within it the full range of Ethiopian diversity. And for twenty five years, Amharic speakers were psychologically burdened with the ills and mistakes of the Movle State. They must stop saying any challenger to be terroristshow long do they think this abusive low serve them?

Individuals who view developments of the region through the lens of AGs could only behave the way AGs behave, i. I am not ruling out some positive contributions by the activist media in building trust, but I am just recognizing its very modest contribution.

This gentleman is burkuuta real deal. Well, my response to you was also not so much innocent teasing.

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They grow up listening things likemalelitweyaneHgdef ,Pfdj and like that. A few months later, news that the UAE and Saudi Arabia were building a base in Assab got another life of its own and to this day it is being posted and cross posted as a fact, even the Ethiopian PM reacted to it seriously.

What works sustainably would have been having a system of smaller units — Tigray size for example with which one would be able constantly work by forming dynamic alliances on an issue by issue basis. They did not deliver and they never have the intention. Moreover, both filmmakers stated their ideas on how the art of film making and other artistic works could be improved in the country.

Ok it sounds moviw fetched joke then. What else could it be under all these circumstances. Indeed he was one of the unsung Eritrean heroes. The presentation of the stories has not yet caught up with world standards; as it is an on-going process, it should develop as it is required to.

When TPLF came to power init chose to give prominence to the groups espousing the liberation front sentiment. It may cost a few lives and some destructions but I erirtea very positive change, very unique and of course with some risks. And later on to institutionalize their ideas in the ethnic regions. The other legitimate claimants are consciously written off. Short Answer to your wondering in search of links: It has been ages since old eritrda.


In Tigrinya there is an equivalent saying: Do not ask him to grow… And where is Semere A. Worse, are we not the victims of the evil elements who relentlessly defame our patriots and veterans? There is small history of rivary, specially during the foot ball time but for the most part, they respect each other and they live along. I know you are from the part of Tigray who rebel with or without a cause your own description for Raya-Azebo so stop whatever you are doing and come and tigraysplain it to us.

So, which one inspired Enginner Asgedom? But the consensus is that the Facebook account is fake.

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Yohannes Fishazion 3 weeks ago. Erittea such a condition is met, the rest is up to the people. My goodness where have you been, I know, I know busy, busy. Finally, killings by the security forces take place only because there is governmental policy, and not because there are some zealots with guns and live bullets provided by the government.

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Immersed only on his work. Eritrean audience, inside and outside the country, expect the release of new films all the time; therefore, filmmaker should do their level best to keep the support of their audience. I am confident the necessary adjustments will be made to mitigate the corruption and grievances of the people.