The Epson e proved to be a very bright projector. Performance I began my performance evaluation of the e merely by testing its wireless connectivity. If you opt for the step-up e, you get the convenience of a wireless HDMI system, and this could be great for impromptu movie nights or if you don’t want to route HDMI cables through your walls and ceiling cavity. That means you can connect, say, a FIOS or cable box, a Blu-ray player, and a game console, and still have two extra ports left over without having to run any cables other than a power cable to the projector itself. Home entertainment projectors are meant for living rooms and family rooms with ambient light, which means they can substitute for a large-screen HDTV. I could have dropped contrast even more to get a better black level but the image lost some pop. If you do use it, then be sure to have your mind made up on what you wish to watch, for if you plan on skipping about, the wireless receiver will most likely not keep pace.

Under the hood, the e is a three-chip, LCD design with a native resolution of 1, x 1, or full HD. From a position six to eight inches off my floor, the e shined light upon the center of my screen, with the bottom edge 24 inches off the ground. In fact, the two look identical. For advanced setups, the projector offers an extensive number of controls including tweakable Gamma settings, two-point grayscale, and a full Color Management System. I left the gamma set at 2. I used that mode for all my 2D measurements.

And if you want to integrate the e into an automation system, RS is included. This is a pretty good result. But with companies like Sharp now releasing inch televisionsbig-picture aficionados with extra cash can avoid the hassles of buying a projection screen and having to nurse a pitch-black room. Page 1 Page 2.


Using the crosstalk pattern in the Accupel generator, I measured 0. There’s no audio output on the e itself. A reduction in the contrast control can fix that, or you can turn on the Epson Super White, which reveals all the color information up to video level It should be noted that the grey scale was able to be fully calibrated via professional means and, once completed, did clean up the majority of the e’s other woes.

The remote control is comprehensive and as large as most home theater receiver remotes without being overwhelming. The e doesn’t look much different from the e it replaces.

This past September, I got an in-depth look at all their latest models including the subject of this review, the PowerLite Home Cinema e. My first result was actually worse than this. Therefore the native contrast ratio was There was a slight increase in measured crosstalk, to 1.

Epson PowerLite review: Epson packs features, OK performance – CNET

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. If you want faster response during frame-rate changes, the wired connection is best. As for the e’s size, it measures Don’t show this again. All you need to add is a portable screen for instant movie night.

The Epson is projecror such example, and it includes two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses in the box.

Epson Projectors: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema e 3 LCD projector

This software adds many new tests to our benchmark suite. If you’re using wired connections to the projector, this makes it a little harder ciema it should be to use an external sound system.


I left the gamma set at 2. I used the absolute color temp control to get the grayscale closer reviw visiting the RGB menu to adjust the highs and lows individually.

Epson Home Cinema 3020e Projector Lag Test

Orojector zoom on the lens did allow for the e to fill a inch screen from a distance of roughly 10 feet, which says a lot. I did observe slight panel convergence errors in test patterns but actual content looked fantastic.

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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020e LCD Projector

The CMS does not work quite as well as it could. Quite simply, the e did an excellent job with issues from skin tones, to noise, to shadow detail detail based on differences in shading in dark areas. Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio.

Disagree with our product rating? It feels heavier than its stated weight of 13 pounds. The company says the product has a pgojector ratio between 1.

And in 3D, Cinema provides the most accurate starting point for calibration. Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, powerite physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry. Compatibility will depend on the electronics in your particular system. The 50 Best iPad Games.