Outside of Quebec, I think what will happen is that there could be a shortage of local TV channels in certain communities, although I must catch myself and say that if our freesat proposal is approved, then all of the local channels with a meaningful amount of local programming will be lifted in any case. We declined in part because it was simply non viable. Listen – Johnson et Johnson Johnson and Johnson. Listen – Discours de haine Hate speech. I am just wondering what your views would be on that model. Listen — Crime sur Facebook Crime on Facebook.

Listen — Nouveau leader New leader. Listen — Un homme de Guantanamo One Guantanamo man. Listen — Gangs Gangs. Well, I think to a certain extent the same issue is going to apply to specialty services post because they will no longer — while they will have access, BDUs will have a lot more flexibility. In the last five years conventional broadcasting revenues have actually increased by an enviable 3. They tell us the story that it’s not cyclical or related to the recession but it has got to do with the expansion of the number of specialities, and that the revenue sources for over-the-air are therefore in not good shape and, yet, it is they who bear most of the burden of producing the Canadian programming in which we are interested from a policy perspective. I think we all believe that.

And in Quebec the number of hours that are required by some of the broadcasters are below the thresholds that I believe we have in English Canada.

Listen — Placebo Placebo. There was nothing that you said in your remarks today in that regard, but in your evidence in reviewing it, there was some discussion about, I guess, VOD and I guess SVOD. To me, that makes absolutely no sense. Two questions and it relates to your opening two questions that you asked: And there, in a nutshell, you have it. Excuse me though, I am talking about, as we pointed out, going into the future and the digital transition Listen — Le scandale des implants Implant scandal.

This is a completely different hearing. It is my understanding, looking at this chart, the price tempering, shall we call it, that was going on in the United States was a result of the review by the FCC of the cable industry and the understanding that cable rates were getting out of hand.


But, in our view, the small basic does a lot of things, it does a lot of important things. Listen — Jeune votant autrichien Young Austrian voter. It depends a little bit on where you are in Quebec, of course.

Listen — Le poids des hommes Man’s weight. The fact that we don’t carry every station isn’t because we are trying to be nefarious.

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Listen — Deet Deet. Yeah, they might, okay, and my point of course is they might be considered by you and epidode policy types but the commercial imperatives might be quite different.

Listen — Marcher sans canne Walking without stick. Listen — Plainte Complaint. But even this overstates the situation. And if I understand it, your model purely contemplates compensation in money.

Listen — Moyen Age Dark age. Listen — Contrat symbolique Symbolic contract. And it comes from the perspective of DTH and the carriage of local. And Mirko and Kevin have told you, that we have accumulated considerable losses over the years, we are still in a negative position.

When we were preparing to come down here we tried to have a little look to see what we spent on foreign programming and it’s about 5 percent or less in French and about 6 percent in English. Listen — Boissons gazeuses Soft drinks.

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So we don’t think there is an additional value over and above what we pay. Listen — Tour en Asie Asian tour. Listen — Des episod dans les guerres Robots in wars. And the notion of save local where you go through basically your analysis and you come out on paragraph 21 saying:. I mean, the governing example for us is the U. Listen — Corne Horn. So no, we do not.

Engelhart yesterday from Rogers, you know, and I think I understood him correctly. But that is their wish list, that doesn’t necessarily mean they get it.

Because I think we heard Rogers yesterday tell us, in fact, it was not a low cost. And it seems to me there seems to be an ideological barrier on the BDU side to accept the fact that value-for-signal should be lx of the negotiations.


And there is certainly no good policy reason to exclude conventionals who are the heavy lifters, they are the most popular services, from a source of revenue which is now taken for granted to be part of a multi-channel universe.

Over-the-airs provide much more value than specialties, so we should actually get paid more than 50 cents. I am talking about you creating a new system.

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They shutter local stations. Well, we would be asking broadcasters to pay for the backhaul to our uplink facility and Tim or Chris can speak rn how that’s managed today in the normal course. So that is not — that basic signal, high definition, is not being monetized and is not being charged to the customer.

Hospitalisation Oct 11, Listen Survival French: Our engineers now tell us that Bell is able to do much more than it could have done before and that in a very short amount of time, Shaw Direct will be in a position to do the same as well. Listen — La musique change la perception Music changes perception.

But rather than get into that debate with you, the fundamental problem that we have with bele model — but let’s focus now on value for signal as this is what this is about. Listen – Tricheries aux examens Exam cheats.

Listen — Gangs Gangs. Listen – Endroit inhabituel Unfamiliar place. Listen — Couteau Knife. This has been rejected by the broadcasters. Approximately 40 per cent of our existing subscriber base has access to 82 degrees, and that is a rough approximation of the number of subscribers that have high definition services. Listen — Pirates Hackers.