Wahid unknown episodes Polo Ravales Winwyn Marquez bilang Helgad”. Retrieved May 26, Cassiopeia thought that this would bring peace to their land but instead it brought chaos. Encantadia Media franchises introduced in Television programs adapted into films Television programs adapted into video games Films adapted into video games Wars in fiction Fiction about magic Philippine drama television series GMA Network drama series Fantaserye and telefantasya. Encantadia is also influenced by J. Keros and Haliya each put themselves in exile to be away from all the chaos.

Retrieved March 29, Lira is supposed to succeed Amihan, but refused, leading the throne of Lireo to Danaya. Bandok unknown episodes Romnick Sarmenta Because of the good ratings and the success of the show, Encantadia is slated or expected to have another season. Also their deity, Ether and her lover, Arde can finally usurp the divine throne of Emre in Devas. The last fight of Hathoria and Lireo resulted to the death of Queen Amihan, and Pirena’s reunion with her other sisters. List of Encantadia TV series characters. This chapter depicts the continuing story of the four Sang’gres , Pirena, Amihan, Alena now Queen of Sapiro and Danaya now Queen of Lireo along with King Ybrahim of Sapiro, in the enchanted world of Encantadia, as they face the repercussions of their previous journey through Encantadia’s history.

Retrieved 29 March Hitano unknown episodes John Regala Retrieved 27 September Young Amihan unknown episodes.


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But greedy encantados such as a fairy named Adhara, wanted to seize the power of the gem. It’s denizens are known to have knowledge in black magic, dark arts and witchcraft and possess dominion over life and death through their extensive knowledge of the healing arts and sorcery.

User Reviews Oh yeah Encantadia is an enchanted place in a different realm. Emre also defeated Arde and Ether. Encantadia Etheria Encantadia: The Empire of Etheria has been defeated by the combined forces of the other four engkanada of Encantadia and resulted in the death of Etherian Queen Avria.

Young Aquil unknown episodes Raymond Bagatsing They became the first citizens of gja kingdoms that shall unite and will become the empire of Etheria. Danaya episodes, They return to Avila after a victory and a deadly battle. Edit Did You Know?

Arvak unknown episodes Cat Turvey Anthony unknown episodes. Archived from the original on October 5, Archived from the original on The sisters will soon learn that the greatest magic of all is forgiveness and love and that only through unity can they stop the evil that spread through their realm. The second series title Etheria premiered in the same year and ended in with 50 episodes.

Because of this, the three Bathala created four classes of individuals: King Hagorn was then killed by Pirena leading to Hathoria’s fall. The Movie ; crossover with Mulawin.



The striking resemblance of the Sang’gres to the main protagonists of the anime can also be keenly noted. From the crap Mulawin, wrentched Darna and now, here’s Encantadia. Aure unknown episodes. The world of Encantadia is being powered and guarded by a powerful gem referred as Inang Brilyante mother gem protected by Cassiopeia, the first Queen of Lireo. Retrieved October 8, They are psychics, mind readers, telepaths, engkanrada possess other powers or abilities involving the mind. Alena episodes, Diana Zubiri Dado unknown episodes.

Lopez stated that having been compared to the original series was a big challenge for her, but in a positive way. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They will try engkantava merge their past glory into the present and change history.

Reyes said that he would return as the director of the series. Hathoria now plans to rise up from hiding and bring Lireo to its demise, with the end in view of ruling over the whole of Encantadia.