Darrin’s old college rival, Charlie Harper, has a very successful life and wife Daphne loves to brag about it–their castle has a moat! Seeking revenge, Endora turns herself into a little girl Maureen McCormick in a gypsy costume and uses a curse to slowly turn Darrin into a werewolf. Filmed July 25, While visiting Scotland , Darrin, Samantha and Darrin’s cousin Robbie encounter the Loch Ness Monster , who Samantha reveals is really a warlock named Bruce, who was transformed into a monster by Serena 40 years ago. Out on bail, the Stephens return home, but now, Ben disappears! Peabody sees the witchcraft in the Stephens household and threatens to go public.

Samantha has lunch with a few of her neighbors, using magic to assist with the meal. Upon discovering that Samantha and Clara are witches, Victoria is verbally abusive. Builders are free to use it for their builds too. On his second wish, he wishes that Endora will appear before him and Samantha apologizes to Darrin for not believing him. McMann, and also the first episode to show Louise’s Kasey Rogers hair as red which in real life was her natural color. The Witches Council orders a coven. With her husband working overtime, Samantha is bored and agrees to have lunch in Paris with Endora. Rams wide-receiver Jack Snow appears as himself.

The premise was retooled moreā€¦ An enchanting sitcom about beautiful, nose-twitching witch Samantha Stevens, who moves to the suburbs to be with her strait-laced mortal husband, Darrin. Filmed July 20, Endora Moves in for a Spell 20 Oct 7. Irwin Charone and Dave Madden guest-star. Filmed February 3, Samantha is asked to persuade a ghost, McTavish, to leave Aunt Clara’s boyfriend’s old castle in England, but trouble starts when Samantha runs into Darrin’s parents, who are coincidentally visiting the castle.

Filmed January 15, However, the charm is a fake and Darrin starts taking chances that may prove disastrous. Samantha tries to get the boy’s uninterested father William Bramley to come to his son’s defense. Samantha and Darrin welcome their second child, a boy.


To help Samantha around the house during her pregnancy, Endora introduces Esmeralda, an insecure witch with fading powers looking for a comfortable situation. Samantha and Endora use some hocus pocus to get him to change his mind. McMann, believes Darrin is a rising star, and everyone is so enamored with his ideas that he begins to have delusions of grandeur.

Unimpressed by Samantha’s amateur painting for an exhibit in a university charity event, Endora exchanges the painting with a famous Henri Monchet original and signs Samantha’s name to it.

Tabitha performs magic for the first time, which delights Endora, but worries Samantha. Darrin is thrilled until he suspects Samantha of using magic to help. Filmed September 2, Larry comes by to see what the fuss it all about, and Peisode tries to hide the big baby from him. Filmed January 7, Filmed December 9, She decides to run away by trading places with Jack in a Jack and the Beanstalk storybook, and turns the classic fairy tale upside down with her magic.

Raquel Welch briefly appears as a stewardess.

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When Darrin’s job is on the line, Samantha wants Endora to spsll the spell. When Samantha and Darrin purchase their first home together, Samantha and Endora use their magic to see what it would be like fully furnished.

Season 3 Episode 19 – Super Car Darrin sees an excellent car in a magazine and wishes he had one just like it. Darrin is in jail for allegedly stealing an antique bedwarmer, and Samantha discovers it was Serena who had transformed a warlock into the bedwarmer during epiisode time of the Salem witch trials. Samantha discourages her from abusing herself and invites her to epsode to lunch with Darrin.


When Samantha conjures up food to keep him distracted, Monster’s appreciation for Samantha causes Liza to become jealous as well. Prickett played Tabitha’s teacher in three different episodes. Not only does Darrin love the car, his new client Mr.

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Last episode to feature Serena and Movees Tate; filmed October 7, The Stephens get counseling from the Tates and Endora conjures the famous Sigmund Freud to help them all out.

Tabitha’s witchcraft and the client’s superstitious wife prompt Samantha to contact a real ghost at the client’s home. Darrin’s old college rival, Charlie Harper, has a very successful life and wife Daphne loves to brag about it–their castle has a moat!

It seems that Franklin will be punished to the full extent of the law when Larry tells about how great a publicity stunt it is, with the District Attorney listening!

Frank and Maurice both recognize problems associated with their names, so they settle on a name of Samantha’s choosing, “Adam”. Serena’s powers are taken away by the jealous Contessa Pirhana Ellen Weston. When this ruse fails, the enraged Maurice zaps Darrin to a beam high up on the Eiffel Tower.

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She happens to run into Larry and Louise Tate while there, creating confusion and hard feelings between Samantha and Darrin. Guest Cast Paul Smith Floyd. Breaking and Exiting – Movies Feb 25th. Endora brings a toy soldier to life to watch the baby, but Tabitha imitates the spell, and soon every toy is life-size and marching around the house.