Avinash calls Mahesh and informs him that he has asked someone to make Radha’s horoscope. Marathi-language television programs Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Indian television series. Member feedback about Siddharth Mahadevan: Supriya asks Digambar if the alliance is broken, but Digambar tells her that it is not. Mumbai , Maharashtra , India. He loves to have pets, but his parents always refuse to let him have one.

He also enjoys doing pranks. Prachi is surprised to know that Radha’s boss Avinash is helping Mahesh peel the potatoes. She even taunts Vallabh over his various flop businesses while Vallabh defends himself by passing remarks on Vallari’s father. Mahesh also asks him to invite the staff members too. His wife Supriya asks him how much money he has spent during the day because of his habit of betting. Mayi is telling Pari that she is fed up of the silence, just then all the women folks return after shopping.

Member feedback about Kaay Raav Tumhi: Satish Vasant Alekar born 30 January [1] is a Marathi playwright, actor, and theatre director. He tells her that they shouldn’t pressurize Ghana or he might call off the marriage.

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She then asks Ghana to give his dress for pressing. Siddharth Latnachi topic Siddharth Shankar Mahadevan is an Indian film composer who is known for his songs in the film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag in which he sang “Zinda” and the rock version of the title song “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”. Mahesh too is tensed. Supriya adds that she cannot accept Radha so easily.

He advises Vallari to allow Ghana to have registered marriage or else bear the consequences. Mayi states that she has received an invitation from the heavenly abode. Ulka is about to reveal Ghana’s problem to Devki when Pari informs them that Ela has summoned all of them.


Shrirang Godbole

Ghanashyam Kale 1 episode, Mukta Barve He states that the one whom he loved is getting married. Ghana is unable to utter a word, out of surprise. It ended on 16 August The movie has a very contemporary Just then Pari informs Ghana that Mayi has called for him.

Career Subodh has acted in numerous Marathi tv serials, movies and theatre. Devki is left speechless. Savitri, a vet and Satyaprakash, an electrical engineer are forced into marriage by their parents. Mahesh Desai 1 episode, Mohan Joshi Abir Ranade 1 episode, Member feedback about List of Marathi songs recorded by Shreya Ghoshal: Devki selects clothes for Ghana. Member feedback about Girija Oak: When Radha returns home, Prachi tells her that she is going back home.

Plot Story of the film is based on the legend of a man who took it upon himself to protect the common man against oppression and injustice. Vallari scolds him, but Dhyana defends himself. Dnyanesh asks his mother that can he set up a shop to overcome their financial needs but his mother urges him to concentrate on studies rather than business. The show was huge hit and her work was very well praised.

Ghana firmly tells Mayi that he will have a registered marriage at any cost. Ulka talks to Ghana about the attitude of people towards marriage and divorce. Just then Ghana returns.

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Sonia asks him why he doesn’t reveal his feelings to Radha, but he replies it is his habit. Avinash is stunned to hear that. The moment Supriya leaves the room, Digambar calls someone to talk about a bet. Lists of films by country or language Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of Marathi films by year Revolvy Brain revolvybrain in Indian cinema Dusaari Brain revolvybrain.


Avinash asks Radha if she was talking to her future husband, but she shyly denies. Vallari alias Valli is grumbling over her husband Vallabh’s Milind Phatak scanty hair.

Shripad informs his family that the auspicious date is day after. Vallabh too tries to make Ghana understand, but Onlien is firm on his decision. Avinash permits Radha to leave early. The girl, Radha Desai Mukta Barveis working in an advertising agency and living with her father.

Subodh Bhave topic Subodh Bhave born 9 November is a Marathi actor, writer, producer and director. Ghana and Radha too are unable to sleep as they are trying to accept each other in their lives. Devki gives a bracelet to Radha which Mayi had given to her when she had met Devki for the first time.

Mahesh reminds her that it is going to be a registered marriage. Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta 8. Learn more More Like This. Supriya tells him that she wished to get Ghana and Sumukhi married, but she was scared that Ghana would have rejected her.

She suggests that they should invite Radha and her father to their house so that the family members can meet them. Supriya doesn’t seem quite happy. She happens to open it, and is surprised to find Radha’s photo and horoscope inside. She is the daughter of Shrirang Godbole, a Marathi film actor, dialog writer and film producer.

Ghana’s grandmother comes to know of their intentions and introduces a new boy, Abhir Umesh Kamatin their lives.