She suggests that they should invite Radha and her father to their house so that the family members can meet them. Mahesh supports him saying that he too wanted everything to happen soon before Radha changes her mind. The women feel guilty, but Ulka tells them that she has already finished her shopping with Rupali. She asks Kuhu to check if everyone has made the arrangements. Just then Dhyana comes there and tries to give a couple of advices to Ghana about marriage. Radha decides to talk to Ghana, but just then Ghana calls her.

Please login to access the content. Shripad states that if Ghana approves of the girl he is going to meet, she will be lucky as he has rejected 68 girls before. They talks about each other’s nature. Mahesh also asks him to invite the staff members too. The show starred Mukta Barve and Swapnil Joshi in lead roles. He lies to Radha that he wanted to talk to her. Mayi asks Radha to wear the sari and come back. Episode Synopsis Description Episodes More.

He asks her to get married soon before the dream comes true. She tells him that his family is taking them granted about rpisodes engagement date. Sumukhi gets upset and leaves the room. Avinash advises Radha to learn to adjust with her in-laws. Radha makes an excuse that she removed it as she had gone for a bath.

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He also asks Mahesh to send a photograph of Radha to be shown to a matrimonial agency. However, his tension is relieved when they reveal that they have come to help him. Shripad Kale 1 episode, Asawari Joshi The girl, Radha Desai Mukta Barveis working in an advertising agency and living with her father.

Ghana’s colleagues are upset with him because he did not tell them about his alliance being fixed. Ghana gives his colleague Kumya an envelope to be posted. Mauli realizes that Kuhu is making preparations for her own marriage. Mahesh reminds her that it is going to be a registered marriage.


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Please login to continue. Ghana is about to make Radha wear the ring when Mayi shouts out of excitement. Prachi is surprised to know that Radha’s boss Avinash is helping Mahesh peel the potatoes. Prachi and Mahesh are irritated as the caterers are refusing to take the order as they are quite busy.

Mayi expresses her wish to have a grand engagement ceremony for Ghana. They decide to go together to give the notice and also to avoid behaving like the typical married couple. Mayi states that she has received an invitation from the heavenly abode. Digambar is amused when Ghana tells him that he and Radha went for shopping on different vehicles.

They have a heated argument. An emotional Devki expresses her happiness.

Devki and the others fulfill the other rituals. Radha gets irritated and walks away. Dusarii seemingly perfect couple suddenly end their relationship, much to the chagrin of the parents, who try to speak to their children in their language. Ghana tells Devki that he wishes to talk to him about marriage. After he retires, an aging theatre actor and his wife begin to feel unwanted by their children.

When Digambar asks the reason for rejecting the girl, Ghana replies that they episoeds ask Ulka as he has spoken to her. Ghana admits and adds that it is in a different sense. Mahesh notices that his bicycle is missing. Both try to find excuses to reject them. Avinash asks Radha if she was talking to her future husband, but she shyly denies.


Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Radha and Ghanshyam bump into each other as they get up from their seats to leave. Prachi tells Radha about the increasing expectations of the groom’s family.

When he asks Supriya her opinion about Radha, she replies that she found Radha a little rude and pampered. And what is his habit? Shripad gifts a Ganesha idol to Mahesh. Mayi reveals that she has received a proposal for him of a girl named Pratiksha. Yamuna and Ganga inform Kuhu that Ghana is going to meet the girl. Kuhu and Prabhat are happy that finally Ghana has consented for the marriage, so now even they can get married soon.

Mahesh feels happy when Radha agrees to go with Devki. Digambar tells him that only time will teach him a few things. She asks Lagnadhi to check if everyone has made the arrangements.

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Avinash calls Mahesh and informs him that he has asked someone to make Radha’s horoscope. Was this review helpful to you? Mahesh also asks him to invite the staff members too.

Mayi tells her that their wishes won’t be fulfilled as Ghana has decided to have registered marriage. Supriya asks Sumukhi to make tea for Devki. Vallari alias Duari is grumbling over her husband Vallabh’s Milind Phatak scanty hair. Digambar dozes off instead of listening to her. The Times of India. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Mayi tells him that her desire to see him in wedding attire will remain unfulfilled.