I applied the same concepts to women’s clothing, creating a new, sexy feeling of freedom. And suddenly we realize that from the very beginning Armani has made what the ancient rhetoric called the impossibilia: In all my collections there is definitely a touch of the East — always. We are also grateful to the individuals at Giorgio Armani S. Armani’s minimalism is a stripping down, in which the body — which is always nude — becomes a medium of communication. He had many direct outside contacts and I had less.

Do you think there’s a place for fantasy in fashion? But in the end they are Armani’s colors — balanced greens and reds, blues and grays, beiges and creams that live on the borders of definition, propagating another vagueness. He is a lover, slave, prostitute, son, brother, father, boss — a being always spilling over into something else: It is true the body fascinated me, and this was why I had decided to study medicine. It was a very difficult time for our family. We don’t know whether Armani nurtured women’s penchant for androgynous jackets without ornamentation, men’s trousers, soft but severe-looking fabrics, and flat shoes because, after years of working in men’s fashion, that was what he knew how to do best — or whether it was because he had truly understood that women were changing and wanted to find for themselves a different way of being feminine and seductive, a new image that would adapt, unambiguously, to their new needs and ever-stronger expectations, to the idea of achieving autonomy and social position, and that would also free them from their too-exhibited, overemphasized body, from the entire stage set of women’s traditional clothing. I never planned it out this way. Okay, now with Susan.

When you had to leave medical school for military service, how did you feel?

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Though they were talking they didn’t seem vjttima hear each other. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I wanted a fashion that was for everybody. Via Borgonuovo 11, Milan I’ve always liked his graphic work.

These images were useful to express an idea of opulence which was not hedonistic. Armani works at interweaving East and West, local and global, covering and unveiling, fullness and emptiness, in order to re-absorb difference and equal. New York October Abrams isbn hardcover. Women who had discovered the advantages of ready-to-wear slipped quietly ddgli the boutiques of Yves Saint Laurent, the favorite of the well-heeled bourgeoisie, which was still hesitant about Italian taste.


But I must say that the East has had a definite influence on me, with its rational style of dress; a small jacket with a mandarin collar is the utmost in elegance and comfort. Viittima was the time that I was beginning to form strong ideas and opinions about fashion. It seemed indispensable to have them made to order, not out of snobbery, but because those mass- produced fashions made me feel old, shapeless, without glamour, and I wondered why they had to be so heavy, so awkward, like prisons that completely hid the body.

I experimented with letting the clothing fall over a man’s body, bringing attention to this so-called “defect. A uniform — or alternatives to what there was? She never gave way to exaggeration. On Sundays we’d go to the parks, a group of friends, and take photographs.

Irving and Dianne Benson. I wanted to show that his confidence in my work was fully justified. Maybe it’s because I dress for work that I can’t dress any other vityima. Until then, the cinema had been nothing but glamour, with all the women wearing suits and perfect hairstyles. Construction Crew Manager Geof Davis. GratuitFree noviembre Now, Voyager Nowitzki: The twelve models came out fompleto on the runway and began moving to the lively jaclal of the mus.

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I didn’t have a happy childhood. How do you think your family would describe you as a young man? I have to say I never suffered because I didn’t grow up dylam a wealthy family. I was holding it in my hand. Today we respect only the instantaneous and can therefore root in nothing. Everything became synchronic and replaceable, making every iconographic or material element mutable and permutable.

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Then I altered the way jackets were buttoned and radically modified the proportions. The former’s role as an absolute, elitist vision, with its useless forms representing a theatricality of prestige and power charged with old, mummified codes linked to social and economic subjection, came to an end, and a new realm opened up, one bound to an egalitarian mentality seeking degoi annul differences and disadvantages, to undermine roles and disparities in dress and self-presentation.

She always made us feel comfortable with ourselves. The nude is not important, the clothes are. The advertising has to show that I don’t like women who, when they go into a lift, leave a tremendous waft of perfume in their wake. You don’t call that leading an idle life, do you? To emphasize the shoulders in jackets, but then let the rest undulate, adapt to the body, freed from all constraints.


Wilson, and Yves Saint Laurent Parfums. Fabrication Crew Michael Smerka. You have to use a theme to match it to your style and not vice versa. These were the s, dark years for Italy, above all for Milan, a city that was attempting to become the capital of high-style ready-to-wear, but was also, at vittoma moment, the epicenter of the most tragic forms of social and political struggle.

Armani challenged the binary, harmonious, stable symmetry of stereotyped forms indicated in the terms “masculine” and “feminine.

To say that a cult began to form would only be a small exaggerate. This led to an entire collection. But in the end they odg Armani’s colors — balanced greens and reds, blues and grays, beiges and creams that live on the borders of definition, propagating another vagueness.

The mass dandy was born. Construction Crew Eric Knox. A new way of dressing was born, based on a different manner of establishing the relationship evsnti structure and movement, body and garment; the one does not command the other, but rather functions in terms of fullness and softness, and thus the body is no longer covered by the garment, but rather inhabits it.

For the sports coat that is what it is now! Share this Rating Title: I love the way she dresses. I was an observer.

All timidity and fear had vanished, and he immediately furnished the gilded and voluted large rooms with ultramodern tables, sofas, and lamps of his own design. The pictures were terrible, but the woman who was in charge of advertising at La Rinascente was very powerful and she liked me. Maria and Roberta Armani First impressions are decisive.