A file of soldiers. A red thread sold in skeins. Burning or setting alight ‘the bush’. A feeling of anxiety for a p. A person who incurs a debt he cannot pay. All; the whole; every; every one. A plant similar to mashai. One and one only.

Damage by white ants. A form of ink-powder. The crowding together and pushing of a number of people, e. The external apex of a conical thatched roof. Lines tattooed from the lower lip to the chin. A person with very round shoulders, esp. Filling the cheeks with kola-nut.

Any kind of difficulty or trouble. Any charm or superstition indiscriminately recommended as having medicinal qualities, and which proves a failure. Throwing the infant on to a thatched roof and letting it roll down, or scarifying the forehead haus a razor is considered a remedy.

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The clucking of a hen. A reply to the children’s challenge aburi, or tamaniya. A dispute with or without physical violence. A male buff-backed heron. For the dramas, not everyone has the cable satellites and dish antennas that broadcast them on channels like Arewa24, Farin Mocie, Dadin Kowa, Africa Magic Hausa, etc.


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A quarrelsome, cantankerous p. Nicely finishing off a seam. Drip or pour out; ooze; percolate; trickle.

Hobble together the near feet or the off feet of a horse. Heap up; pile up.

Used in the phrase talatainin dare, in the middle of the haua. A Katsina expression now become general through being used by Europeans for measuring by pacing.

The shoulder-joint of beef.

One who usually brings news which is ill news. Being careless with a borrowed article. An angry dispute, with or without physical violence. Serenading and teasing a circumcised lad who is taking a long time to heal.

An expression used when one has been ruduwa of some great folly and it has been divulged, or one has hopelessly given oneself away and then shown temper. An exclamation of annoyance or exasperation.

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Learning to read in syllables. A short and not heavy storm of rain. Bragging; exaggerating one’s abilities. A person who seems mentally deficient. A children’s festival on the 12th and 18th days of the month of Rabi’a. A kindness which one has been unable to requite. Making a random guess.


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Buhari wins Nasarawa State for hausaa first time Elections: Complete the operation of milking. A plant similar to mashai. A strip of cloth strengthening the centre of a loin-cloth. Adopting a child, whether an orphan or not. Taking hold, by two or more persons, of opposite ends of a load or body to lift it.