September 13, at 1: Alien races are in our Kdramas. Koreastina September 28, at 6: She can never be normal and she can’t cower from the world either. But GS is wrong–he isn’t “bad at crying,” because when she leaves him, his eyes swim in tears because she is the one he loves. No matter what TGS does to stay away from him he can’t let go of his sun! SOME of us actually wants to watch the drama and find it nice.

It would have better if they fed us with those information bit by bit. Plus hers was a dark fairy tale, where one person dies and visits the other as a ghost, so she got scared and came back to her world. Yumi I think I am turning in one of your fans. Very clever HeeJoo, very clever. Mama Kang and Secretary Yoon add to their growing list of showdowns. And if they don’t wrap up all the issues you cited, please provide an epilogue that does. Long time passed and now they are meeting again in the Emergency Service Station as the team member. She tells him not to worry, then heads back out to the graveyard for more scouting.

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The name boooo suits Booooo perfectly. Please do not post multiple comment in the given dramas, or you are to be banned from the discussion boards of all dramas.

Or should the wolf pick the harder path with the goat? On a Hana note when he said its not the genuine one I think it meant more than we think, maybe she is not Hana but hee joo maybe she pulled a twin switch!

She is more familiarised now with the Land of the Dead than with the episdoe The first 9 or so episodes were wonderful, almost like a primetime drama, and I have to admit I watched it for the romance between SY and WJ! She had never imagined that this absurd destiny came into her life. At last notification the additional episode will be a scripted episode after all. Emma September 27, at 3: I had a Midsummer Night’s Dream-esque vision that scared the pants off medramaholocs was dragged alot.


August 6, at 5: When she visited DeadHanna’s memorial, she pretty much said the plot was to kill her and steal her life.

She finds herself being pregnant…. November 2, at 5: Joong -won sure gives off Spock vibes with his sweater when he helps Gong-shil with the drunk guy.

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June 28, at 5: June 30, at madter I loved this episode. Mostly “Gyaahhhhh” I don’t think I have much of a coherent thing to say about this episode. Though, only her would want it masfer that extent. I agree with you. JJW is totally alone. So far I’ve loved this drama. July 19, at 5: I would might arrange to meet them in a crowded coffee shop, but not pack a rollie and fly out.

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July 15, at Chae Hee is dying. Joong-won made the ultimate sacrifice by putting his life on the line for her, while Gong-shil reciprocated with an even more ultimate-r sacrifice—not just her body for his life, but the very memory of her importance in his life.

She was so so so scary in Sign as well: Are you drowning in your tears. I was planning to just skim through it to get a few screencaps, but I ended up watching a good chunk of it.

The story line is about, through confusion and conflict, two main characters epsode understanding and loving each other as they grow in maturity. September 13, at 1: To explain how she first heard knew about Joong-won, we get a flashback from her epixode of view: He has a photo book of photos he took Uncle SexyLips and Aunty Pain. I think we’ll see that matched with: Kang Woo takes him up on that.


He meets her when she is 10, 17 and In many ways the combination of actor and character reminds me of Ice-Cream in Protect the Boss. He indignantly tells her to pay attention to their conversation, and I love the look on his face. I actually understand the character of Bad Hanna. When your heart catches a cold, When your heart is afflicted with cancer, When your heart becomes diabetic and blood pressure is high, In times like these Did we peisode about it at least once?

Be it leaning on the door or the table.

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She lied to him, but what she lied about was not what he had been condemning her for year about. Msster earlier on we saw that scene in the warehouse?

September 10, shn 2: If so, he is really good at playing annoying. Also imagined a sailormoon kinda scene during “Wonder Evil Twin powers activate! September 7, at 5: Park Joon Hwa Writer: September 9, at 1: August 16, at August 17, at 7: